TMS drew this. Went to the prom with her; wore a green vest with the tuxedo and we played Super Mario 3 for hours on end. Clumsy monkey dancing is THE BEST.

Paint Chat Mewd! Done by Captain Q.

Paint Chat Mr. Tophat! Done by Captain Q.

Hamtaro Hamster Mewd done by Blue Boo!

A ridiculously out of character Mewd, (Way too cool,) done by Frost.

Done by The Big SOS, took three listings from my LJ interests list and made this.

Done by MGAW! He looks really angry, for some reason.

Another MGAW one, looking old with that cane.

Done by ProZD! Took three listings from my LJ interest list and made this.

Doctor Gogo fanart! Pictured from left to right, Captain Q's, Mole's, and Ludwiggy's.

Ludwiggy does Stick Figure Lady of Logic!

Mewd In Wood. Birthday gift from TMS. Whee.

Mewd Ink Color. Birthday gift from TMS.

Birthday present from Ludwiggy! Turtle driven chariot, whee!

Birthday image from Mole!

Recent drawing of Mewd by Captain Q. Entitled 'Blue Mewd is about to die.' Thanks!

Recent drawing of Clena by Captain Q.

When I replaced Mewd with Kence in my revamped version of Fantasy, TMS made me this drawing.

Recent MSpaint drawing done by Mole.


The orignal cast of Fantasy, from left to right: Mewd, Clena, Lucas, Soki. By TMS.

My character Mewd as a human. By TMS.

Big Boots! By TMS. Mewd, Clena, and the little guy is Klimzen.

First instance of Mewd being drawn. By TMS; whose character is on the left.

Chimu and Mewd, by TMS

A picture of Mewd TMS did for a collage.

'Mewd2', by TMS.

During the peak of Mewd's Archive's life, TMS made this drawing of Clena with extrodinarily long eyelashes.

A character TMS invented named Diamond. Same style as the above.

'Happy Holly-days' from TMS.

Little Zonian orphan TMS made me for my pets page.

Chef Torte drawings! The one on the far left is Metal Mewd, a parody of Metal Sonic.

And now, some unsorted icons made by me, with plagerised game sprites.

Unpictured: Picture of Mewd Chef Torte did for his Cameo story. Got deleted in computer crash. All other instances of Zonian characters drawn, most likely by TMS, are no longer on my hard drive or web site. Thusly, I have no means to post them.