Slayer, By Smash

This story was edited from its orignal version becuase Mewd's a complete stuck up stupid prude.

I glanced up at the sky.  Already clouds were halfway obscuring it.  It was going to rain.  I was hoping for just a light shower to settle the dust, but the black clouds just over the horizon foretold a thunderstorm.  I cursed under my breath.  That would make this mission much harder
Rain wouldn’t make much difference most times I was out.  I wore nothing at all but a swordbelt around my waist and my sword, which was enchanted against rust.  Most other knights of Farun wore full suits of armor when they went out on a mission for the king, but I found that it restricted my movement too much and would rust in the rain.  The local priests had protested against my style, saying it was blasphemous to go out unclothed but for a sword, but the king found me too useful to reprimand me.  After all, I only went like this when I was on a mission for the king.
Normally I would have refused a mission like this, but the king had promised me a large sum of money and a tract of land to go through with it.  I was currently landless and penniless, even with my knight status, so I was forced to take the opportunity.

My mission was simple.  A few days ago a peasant saw a strange flying beast heading towards a nearby mountain.  Reports matched the description of a dragon.  Seeing how the mountain was right next to one of the largest iron mines in the kingdom, the king sent me to kill it.

Why send me?  Despite my seemingly eccentric adventuring style, I had achieved kingdom-wide fame as a phenomenal dragon killer, having destroyed more than ten serpents in my career so far.  So much in fact that the king had dubbed me Sir Slayer when he had knighted me.  But that soon degenerated to just Slayer in the mouths of the peasants and my fellow knights.  I didn’t wear armor as one blast from a breath weapon would slaughter me instantly when it connected.  Without armor, I had a good chance to dive out of the way.

I came to the outskirts of the mining community.  It was buckling down for the storm, but still word spread quickly.  A peasant lugging a sack of ore saw my sun-darkened form on the road and within five minutes the entire community knew I had arrived.  The lord greeted me with all due pomp and an offer of a feast before I went up.

“No thanks,” I declined.  “I just want to get this over with and get back to my castle.”  I was sorely tempted to accept the feast, but stuffing myself and getting drunk before a battle was a good way to lose before I began.

“The dragon moved in two weeks ago,” the lord told me as he dogged my every step.  “It has disrupted my mining, causing cave-ins and rockslides every day.  I’ve already lost twenty workers!”

I didn’t say anything.  This lord was renowned for shoddy construction to save money and only cared about dead workers because of the loss in profit.  It was likely that just as many cave-ins and rockslides happened after the dragon had moved in than before.

We came to the side of the mountain.  It was almost a vertical slope upwards.  I grimaced as I looked at it, but launched into a series of gymnastics anyway.  The lord looked askance at my act, but I knew what I was doing.  I needed to limber up for the climb and the battle following.  If I didn’t warm up, I would slip on the rocks and fall to my death or be too tired to fight when I reached the dragon’s lair.

Finally I was ready.  I began to climb the rocks.  The lord looked up at my ascending form until I called down to him.  “Don’t just stand there!  If the dragon sees you down here, he’ll know that I’m coming up!”  That was a lousy excuse, but the fool fell for it anyway.  He scrambled off to the mine while I focused my entire concentration on the upwards scale.

About halfway up it happened.  A sudden crash of thunder and the heavens poured down upon me.  Needless to say, this made the rocks very slippery.  After the first few seconds I slipped.  Both feet went out from under me at the same instant, leaving me hanging precariously by one hand.  I struggled for a few minutes before I got myself on firm footing again and continued to climb.  I slipped a few other times, but soon the dust covering the rocks was washed away and I had more solid footing.

Finally, soaking wet and sore of muscle, I made it to the cave atop the mountain.  The entrance was somewhat dim, only to give way to complete darkness further in.  And there was where the monster awaited.  I prepared to head in.

But stopped when I realized that there was something coming out.  First I saw two glittering violet orbs appear in the darkness.  I drew back slightly as a shadowed form followed.  And soon it was completely in view.  A great emerald creature appeared before me, violet eyes focused on me with such intensity that I almost stepped back with fear.

I swallowed my apprehensions and challenged the beast.  “Know this, monster.  Your reign of terror has come to an end!”

The eyes widened.  Then a great rumbling sounded deep in its chest.  It opened its maw slightly.  I prepared to dive out of the way of a fiery blast, but all that came out were puffs of smoke in even bursts drifting towards the ceiling.  Realization dawned.  It was laughing at me!

“So you can understand my language,” I growled.  It hooked its jaw into a fanged grin and motioned to its throat.  “But can’t speak it,” I amended.  “Well, you won’t need to talk any where I’m sending you!”

It laughed again.  I angrily draw my sword, starting forward to fight it, but I stopped suddenly as the creature began to glow.  Waves of light rippled down its hide as it gazed impassively at me.  I started forward again, curious, but stopped as the glow suddenly intensified and dispelled in a lightning blast.

I threw both my hands in front of my face as a wave of brilliant energy flashed over me.  But as the wave dispelled, leaving dim red spots playing tag with my vision, my eyes were greeted with a scene much different than the immense green dragon.  Instead I saw a creature roughly my height and standing upon two legs like a human, but green like the dragon.  As my trained eye traveled over it, analyzing, studying, an unexpected revelation lit in my mind.  The humanoid form I was studying was undoubtedly female, curvaceous and alluring.  The femaleness was so complete even to the point of two globes upon her olive green chest, looking almost exactly human but for the green color.  Except when my eyes flickered to the juncture of the legs, all that was there was a smooth layer of scaled hide, having no hint of sexual attribute.  But the dragon was still female.

But there were also a dragon’s attributes there.  Two wings lay curled along her back and a tail extended from the end of her spine, hovering just over the floor.  The wedge shaped head and serpentine neck changed only on a factor of size except now she had a mane along the back of the neck.

This caused a clash within my priorities.  I was still sent to slay this dragon, but all my knight’s training had told me that I was to protect maidens such as this.  She advanced towards me, one claw reaching out to touch my arm.  Her eyes locked upon mine.  They were complete violet, having no whites or pupil.  It was those eyes, the eyes that betrayed who she was, that broke my inner trance of doubt.  I brought my sword up again, growling.

An instant after me sword came up, the dragoness dropped to one knee and dove at me.  I was too shocked to do anything.  All the other dragons I had fought before tended to circle around me, seizing their opportunity.  None had ever charged me outright.  I expected to be hamstrung, brought to one knee, slain instantly, but the only sensation I got was a weight coming off of me.  I glanced down.  Her claws had torn my swordbelt off me and hacked my scabbard in two, leaving me completely naked.  She was now opposite me, already on her feet and dropped into a fighting stance.

We circled for an instant before she charged again.  She aimed low again but instead of running past me, she whirled low and slammed her tail against the back of my legs.  I teetered backwards, trying to keep my balance and my guard up when the tail again thumped into my chest.  I fell backwards, but I knew how to take falls.  Tucking my head in, I fell onto the ground, one arm hitting with a resounding slap.  I then rolled up again to my feet, barely a second lost from my fall.

As soon as I got to my feet again, I charged the dragoness, thrusting with my sword.  She easily weaved around the point and scored a light scratch on my back before my blade knocked her claws out of the way.  I slashed at her again, but she easily slid out of range.  But while on the offensive, I had to continue.  She swerved away from all my slashes and cuts, but I was backing her, hoping to aim for a wall.  Finally she made a mistake.  While moving, she left one wing open.  I smiled in vicious glee as I slashed, slicing open the membrane and shattering one of the slender bones running throughout the wing.  But, again unlike the other dragons I fought, she did not throw her head back and bellow in pain, allowing me a clean shot at her throat.  Instead she brought both claws around quicker than I could see from different directions and before I knew what was happening, my sword was torn from my hands and sent pinwheeling across the room.

I stared after my lost blade for a fatal instant.  As my gaze turned back to the dragoness, the only sight I had of her was her bringing both her claws into a double-fisted uppercut into my gut.  A spasm of pain erupted into my body and I doubled over, only to have both claws slam into my chin from below.  I tumbled to the floor again, starbursts flashing before my eyes.  I rolled again, but much slower than before.  But as I rolled upwards, a red mist of rage shadowed my vision.  I brought both my fists into a clenched ball and swung as hard as could at her head.

She caught both my arms between hers, trapping them in a vise grip.  But from the halted momentum of my arms, my body was wrenched around the fulcrum of her grip.  But as I struggled to balance again, she jerked my arms and sent me into a forward tumble.  She fell with me, pulling my arms, and me, along with her.  She rolled onto her back, pulling me along.  I braced myself for a headlong tumble, but she stopped when I was right above her.  I fell right onto her body and her arms released mine.

Immediately I tried to get up again by bracing my hands against the nearest surfaces.  One encountered the stone floor, the other hit something soft and yielding.  I looked down.  My hand was braced against one of the hemispheres on her chest.  If she had been human, I would have probably been accused of rape.  But this was a dragon.  It would provide an adequate surface to push up against.

But then I realized that as she fell, her legs and tail had wrapped around my legs, rendering my entire lower body immobile.  And, also without my noticing, her claws had snaked around my body and now encircled me around the back of my neck and lower back, pulling me into her.

Uh oh.  I had fallen into the deadly Dragon’s Embrace.  She was drawing me into her body and when I was right up against her, she would slowly crush me against herself.  No one, once they had been taken into it, had escaped alive.  I was dead.  But I fought anyway, heaving myself upwards, desperately trying to keep my body as far away from hers as I could.  The upward straining of my arms just barely counteracted the downward pull of hers.

As we lay there, vainly struggling against each other, I became aware of several points.  First was the awareness of the material under my palm.  Not the one braced against the floor, but the one pushing against her chest.  I became aware of the hard muscle under the layer of fat, conveying the knowledge of the wiry strength of her body, much different than most other women of the kingdom.  Pretty they were, to be sure, but all were weak.  But, strangely, I was more attracted to the creature that I was now locked in mortal combat with than all the other females that approached me.

Next was the way my body was feeling.  Sweat, rain, and dust covered my body, giving me a layer of grime.  And, unbeknownst to me, my body had reacted in the natural male way to a female body during the battle.  My body took a perverse pleasure as my bare nether regions rubbed against hers as we struggled against each other.

Soon another sensation appeared to me.  The feeling of the dragoness’ body was becoming different against my groin than the rest of my body.  The rest of my body was braced against hard, cool, scales, but my groin was pressing against something warm, soft, and moist.  This brought to mind some very bizarre scenarios, quickly pushed out by my knight’s training, but leaving their mark anyway.

While I was thinking, the dragon’s grip on my neck and back loosened.  The dragoness had altered from her look of intense concentration of before and now she contemplated me with a hunger-filled eye.  Not hunger for meat, but hunger for…me.

My back suddenly arched as her warm nether portions rubbed against me.  A surge of distorted desire rippled through me.  My heart gave a sudden leap as she rubbed against me again.  And again.  What was she doing?  I gasped, trying, and failing, to bring my breathing under control.  I stared at the form under my body, panting, each breath releasing with a whimper.

The dragoness was whimpering too.  She regarded me with a glint in her eye as her shallow breathing impacted against my face.  Her claws stopped pulling and began to stroke my body.  She moved slightly against me, stimulating my entire lower body.  I stiffened my resolve.  I couldn’t let myself be consumed with lust for this creature.  If the dragon didn’t kill me, the priests would excommunate me.  The king would exile me.  I would spend the rest of my short life dredging up pocket money to buy food.  But oh, it felt so good…

She struggled up a few inches, stroking me again as I struggled to fight down the desire growing in me.  She raised her body against me.  I moaned desperately, my last resistance crumbling against the pulsating dragon body.  Finally I could resist no more.  I was going to die for this, but I was going to die happy.  I maneuvered myself into position.  A feral grin spread across the dragon’s face as she moved as well.  Then it was time.  But when I sought to have her and fond the way obscured, she thrust herself at me all at once.  It hurt, but with the pain came such an utter closeness that I was stunned.

For a timeless instant we lay there, just savoring the feeling.  That sensation made all the others I had felt today seem like less than nothing.  My arms gave way.  I collapsed against her chest, my arms curling about her much like hers curled about me.

I lost all track of time while laying there.  All there was in existence were myself, the fantastic creature that embraced me, and the sheer pleasure that she brought.  She clenched her legs about mine so tightly that they hurt, throwing her head back with a gout of flame.  I grimaced in pain, but the pain was suddenly shattered by an incredible pleasure that numbed my brain and caused starbursts before my vision as the world around me dissolved into bliss.

I woke some time later.  I had collapsed against the dragoness’ body, all muscles of my body gone completely limp.  I struggled to get up, but just enough strength remained in her body to trap my legs with hers.  I lay against her some time, the only sound the steady breathing of myself and my partner and the rain outside.

Despair flowed through me.  I had fornicated with one outside my species.  My life was over.  It wasn’t my fault, I pleaded with myself.  My masculine urges had overthrown my reason.  It didn’t work.  Now my only hope was to make it look like an honorable death.  My sword was just out of my reach.  A small shift and I would be able to reach it…

My thoughts were interrupted as the dragoness awoke.  Both her violet eyes snapped open at the same instant.  The first thing they saw was my eyes.  She locked gazes with me for a few seconds and slowly smiled in satisfaction.  Not the cruel satisfaction of winning and taunting your opponent or the satisfaction of revenge, but of utter fulfillment and happiness.  A satisfaction that flowed into me, saying, don’t worry, everything will be all right.

She pulled herself upright.  I was too weak to stand on my own, so she laid me against a wall.  Where we had lay was a red stain of blood.  I stared in mild astonishment.  That blood couldn’t be all mine.  If dragons’ bodies were like humans, then that mating had been her first time.  And it had also been mine.

The dragon went out into the gentle rain the thunderstorm had dissolved into.  All the accumulated grime visibly washed away, leaving her hide a glistening emerald that gently kindled my desire again.  As I examined her magnificent form again, I noted a difference from what I had seen of her before.  At the juncture of her legs, instead of a solid lair of scales, there was an area where the scales flared and revealed the entrance into her.  After washing the area, she rubbed it downwards with both claws and the scales moved to cover it again.  Soon it looked as if nothing had happened.

After washing herself, she moved to me, stopping to pick up my sword.  Uh oh.  I made a mistake.  Now that she had defiled me, she was going to kill me.  I closed my eyes, waiting for the final blow to fall.  Something heavy thudded beside me and something warm and wet slid along my face.  I never thought death would feel like this.  But then I opened my eyes and saw it was her tongue, not my blood, that was moving along my face.  And the heavy thing beside me was my sword.  She was returning it to me!

I turned my attention back to the dragoness.  She had finished with my face and was now cleaning my neck.  She methodically moved along my entire body, cleaning every scrape and scratch with her saliva.  There were much more than I had guessed.  During the heat of battle, I must not have noticed them.  Most were on my back, given as she pulled me into her.  I couldn’t turn my head to see those.  But one on my stomach I could see.  She cleaned that one just as she cleaned the others and a few seconds after she moved on, my torn skin pulled together, the blood flow abated, and all that remained was a pale white line against my dark skin.

She continued to my lower body, paying special attention to my genitals, which were still damp with the mixture of our juices.  It was a very pleasing feeling as she cleaned there and then continued on to finish the rest of my body.

After she finished, she produced a cloth from somewhere, wet it in the rain, and returned to sponge off the remains of her saliva.  She moved out again, cupped her claws into a bowl shape and brought me rainwater.  I drank greedily, not having drunk anything since the morning.  Then she picked up my ruined swordbelt and scabbard, placed them with my sword in my lap, then picked me up and carried me into her lair.

My first thought was that she was carrying me inside to make a meal out of me.  My second was that she was going to make me a slave to her.  The first was dispelled by the thought that if she intended to eat or kill me, she would have not given my sword back.  The same thought dimmed the second notion, but she might have some other way to control me than by force.

I was wrong on both.  She brought me deep into the cave, to a room where a single torch was burning.  She set me down on my feet outside and motioned that I was to leave my sword by the door.

“No,” I said, clutching my sword to my chest.

She frowned at me, then plucked it easily from my hands, drove it into a crack near the door, and propelled me into the room with a claw behind my back and on my arm.  I stumbled, able to walk now, but only barely.  The room seemed to brighten as I came in.  It was beautiful.  The entire room was decorated with crystal.  Blue crystals surrounded the room, reflecting light onto amazingly detailed scenes, also made of crystal and gems.  At the front, carved out of stone, was a formation that was obviously an altar.  Was she going to sacrifice me to her god?

That thought was shattered as I saw what was above the altar.  Made of simple polished wood, it stood there, pulling all attention from the beautiful surroundings once I laid my eyes upon it.

It was the Cross.

My mind whirled.  This dragon was a Christian?  But how could she be after what she had just done with me?  The priests were adamant that any sin at all would curse me forever until I had made a sizable donation to the Church.  And it was clear that this dragon did not, could not, make any donations.  The dragoness saw my bewildered face and nudged me with her snout, looking inquisitively at me, urging me to speak.

“I…I was taught that what we just did outside was wrong.” I said.  “And that I would be out of favor with God until I gave the Church money.  And you are acting like nothing happened.”

Her unicolor eyes widened at my words.  She got up quickly and moved past the altar.  There she picked up a large book.  I recognized it.  It was a virtual replica of the Bible the priests used back home.  She opened it to one page and set it in front of me.  I couldn’t read the strange writing upon it.  Then it shifted and became legible.

/“For God so loved the world,”/ I read out loud, /“That He sent His one and only Son to perish that we may not die, but have eternal life.”/

I gasped out loud.  If this was what the Bible really was like, the opposite of what the priests had told me, then what else had they lied to me about?  Part of me was suspicious.  After all I had just met this dragon.  She could be lying to me.  But deep down I trusted her more than the priests back home.  Many of them seemed like deceitful people putting on a nice face to me.  Meanwhile, she was the only creature, person, that had ever treated me like an equal.  All others had either spit on me because of the contempt of the priests or treated me like I was dull because I was a knight.

“Let me get this straight,” I said.  “What we did wasn’t wrong…” She shook her head vehemently.  “Was wrong?  Okay, it was wrong.  But because Christ died for us, God unconditionally forgives us?”  She nodded.

My eyes widened.  This was so much different that I had been taught.  I looked to the Bible again, pouring over it while kneeling at the altar.  The dragoness kneeled next to me, bowing her head in what seemed like silent prayer.

Hours later, sore of knee and weary of eye, I rose.  I had learned more this day that I had my entire life.  The dragoness took my hand and let me off to the sleeping chambers, where she placed me on a pallet and left the room.  Though I’m sure we both wanted very much to reenact what had happened outside that morning, we refrained, mostly from exhaustion.  I was asleep before my head hit the bed.

The next morning I woke up to the violet orb of the dragoness staring at me.  As my eye snapped open, she pulled back.  I struggled to get to my feet, muscles screaming in protest.  She led me slowly to a cabinet of sorts and pulled out a salve.  She lay me down on the pallet again and worked it into my shoulders.  Blessed numbness stole over me.  I sighed in relief.  Then she pulled me up and lay down herself.  I rubbed the ointment into her.  She sighed as well, smoke blowing from her mouth and nostrils.

We then got down to what we should do so that neither of us would be killed when I eventually went back into the human world.  She had wanted me to stay, but I argued that if I stayed, the king would assume that I was killed and send another dragon slayer and after she had defeated or killed that one, another would be sent.  Eventually one would likely see me and get away to report to the king, who would then mobilize an entire army against the two of us.

Through a series of yes-no questions and charades, we eventually worked out a plan.  We would fake my victory and her departure.  We would meet near a secret entrance to the cave far out in the woods.  There she would sneak back to her lair, which she had lived in even before the king sent miners to her mountain, and would try to drive the miners out.  She could tell that they were weakening the mountain’s structure and would eventually cause the entire thing to collapse.

Meanwhile, I would go back to the kingdom and claim that I had beat the dragon.  I would take my reward and choose a land near to the mountain.  Once there, I would be able to visit the dragoness anytime I wished, more often after we constructed a tunnel into the mountain.  The planning took most of the day and when it was done, the sun was already setting.

My stomach suddenly growled.  I had not eaten since the morning before.  She brought me to another room.  There seemed to be no end of the rooms in the mountain cave.  Through that room flowed a subterranean river which I quenched my thirst at while she pulled out a cauldron and placed it on top of a pile of wood in the center.  As I straightened up, she inhaled deeply and spat fire into the wood.  It burst into flame instantly.  She poured water into it with some other things I couldn’t recognize.  Some time later the water was boiling.  After a few minutes of boiling, she dipped a claw into the brew, cupping it like a bowl, and poured it into a bowl which she handed to me.

I devoured it in a matter of minutes.  She gave me another few clawfuls before getting a bowl for herself.  The stew she had made was different tasting than anything I had ever tasted before, but it was delicious.

After dinner we went to bed.  As I lay down, I expected an uninterrupted night of rest, but I could feel something in the room with me.  I sat up and looked around.  From the door I saw a sight that reminded me strangely of what I had seen when I first came here.  Two brilliant violet orbs shone at the entrance to the room.  As they came closer to me, the room filled with a strange luminescence.  The dragoness had entered the room, but not in the form I had come to know.  She was changed into a complete dragon, filling much of the room.  At out first combat, I couldn’t tell how large she was in this form.  Now I did.  She was small for a dragon, but still I was barely the size of her torso.

She moved to cover me on the pallet.  From past experience with dragons I knew that she could crush me if she lay with her full weight on me.  She didn’t, though.  But what was she doing…?  Her hide began to glow, reminding me again of our first encounter.  She was going to change…

The wave of energy blasted out again.  There was no pain as it flashed past me, but deep in a recessed corner of my mind, I felt something change…

Before I could think about anything, the dragoness had changed to her human-like form and the sensation of her against me blotted out everything else.  I smiled slightly as she rubbed her body against mine, arousing me again.  I rubbed my hand along her back and slipped it between her legs, massaging the small scales there, slipping my fingers under them as they flared and pulling them apart, causing her to moan softly.

As soon as she was fully flared I pulled my hand away.  She pulled her head back from me, contorting her neck to bring her head close to my face.  Then she thrust forward at me all at once.  As the pleasure overwhelmed me again, she opened her mouth and, turning her head sideways, engulfed my own mouth in hers, sliding her tongue past my lips and exploring my mouth.  We were so close that I felt like we were overlapping each other.

In that position we proceeded to bring each other about to the most phenomenal climax.  She moaned into my mouth over and over as she rubbed up against me, as I clutched her to myself, defenseless against her.  There was another starburst and a vague scream from above me.

The dragoness collapsed on top of me, panting.  After a few minutes of relaxation, she assumed a look of intense concentration.  I dimly wondered what she had to concentrate about, when suddenly my mind was touched.

Can hear me?  The words were broadcast into my mind, along with an inquisitive feeling.

“Yes,” I murmured.

Good.  I changed your body.  Now we mind-speak.  But only speak words when I concentrate.  And then not speak well.  Broken language.  There came a feeling of regret.

“Very good,” I murmured.  “But how and why?”

You take in my essence when I change.  But body will soon reject dragon essence unless dragon then mates with human.  Not know why.  This so human can feel Dracanya  when she near.

I realized Dracanya was her name.  So this gift she had given me was so I could feel her when she was near.  This meant that she was expecting to see me again.

I sent a feeling of gratitude towards her.  She smiled and laid her head down next to me, flickering her tongue around my neck.  The rest of the night was of a shared feeling of gratification and tenderness

We woke early the next morning.  After a short worship in her shrine, where I asked forgiveness for the necessity of what had happened last night, though I wasn’t really repentant, I had to be on my way.  Just before I left, the dragoness presented me with my swordbelt and scabbard.  They had been repaired.  I smiled, sliding my sword into the newly repaired scabbard.

I turned away.  She tugged at my shoulder and I turned again. She was holding out a beautiful golden ring to me with a rainbow colored stone embedded in it.  I took it and realized that she was wearing one of the rings herself.

“Is this a proposal?” I asked demurely.  She smiled toothily and nodded.  “Consider it accepted.  Next time I come here.  We’ll find a priest somewhere.”

She stepped into me and kissed me passionately.  I kissed her back, my entire world revolving around her at that moment.  When we separated, she looked into my eyes for a long moment until I regretfully broke the view and started down the mountainside.

I had come to find a dragon to slay for a selfish purpose.

Instead I found a lover, a joy more deep than I ever knew, and one thing more important than I ever expected.

I found the truth.

The End