Final Fantasy I Magic


White Magic:

Level One

CURE: Basic healing spell. (Low).

FOG: Causes less of enemy attack to be absorbed.

HARM: Dispite its name it can only harm undead monsters. (Low damage)

RUSE: Makes evade stats temporarely rise.
Level Two

ALIT: Reduces lightning damage for entire party.

INVS: Increases evade stat temporairly, more effective then RUSE.

LAMP: Cures any party member of Darkness.

MUTE: Makes any magic using enemy unable to cast spells for a limit of time.

Level Three

AFIR: Reduces damage of fire spells for entire party.

CUR2: Restores health points. (Medium)

HEAL: Restores health points for entire party. (Low)

HRM2: Harms undead monsters only. (Medium)

Level Four

AICE: Reduces damage of ice magic for entire party.

AMUT: Cures mute.

FEAR: Makes enemy characters run away.

PURE: Cures poison.

Level Five

CUR3: Restores health points. (High)

HEL2: Restores health points for all characters. (Medium)

HRM3: Harms undeads. (High)

LIFE: Brings a slain character back to life, however with only one health point.

Level Six

EXIT: Teleports you out of a dungeon.

FOG2: Increases absorb. (Medium)

INV2: Increases evade. (Lots)

SOFT: Cures petrification.

Level Seven

ARUB: Protects all characters from RUB, XXXXX, and Squint.

CUR4: Restores health points to character. (All)

HEL3: Restores health points to all characters. (High)

HRM4: Harms undead. (Lots)

Level Eight

FADE: Kills all enemies.

LIF2: Brings back a slain character with full health.

WALL: Protects all characters from all forms of magic attacks.

XFER: Removes special defences from enemy.


Black Magic:

Level One

FIRE: Fire damage to enemies. (Low)

LIT: Lightning damage to enemies. (Low)

LOCK: Increases chances of getting a hit.

SLEP: Puts enemies to sleep.

Level Two

ICE: Ice damage to enemies. (Low)

SLOW: Slows down enemy character.

TMPR: Raises damage rating.

DARK: Decreases odds of enemy gaining a hit.

Level Three

FIR2: Fire damage to all enemies. (Medium)

LIT2: Lighting damage to all enemies. (Medium)

HOLD: Holds enemy.

LOK2: Increases odds of hitting enemy. (Medium)

Level Four

CONF: Confuses enemies, randomly attack each other.

ICE2: Ice damage to all enemies. (Medium)

SLP2: A more effective sleep spell.

FAST: Increases speed of party member.

Level Five

BANE: Chance of auto death for all enemies.

FIR3: Fire damage to all enemies. (High)

SLO2: Has the same effect as SLOW but works on all enemies at once.

WARP: Teleports you up one floor when in a dungeon.

Level Six

RUB: Auto kills one enemy.

QAKE: Higher chance of auto death then BANE.

LIT3: Lightning damage to all enemies. (High)

STUN: Paralyzes one enemy.

Level Seven

BLND: Blinds all enemies.

BRAK: Auto death to one enemy.

SABR: Improves a characters damage rating and chances of gaining a hit.

ICE3: Ice damage to all enemies (High)

Level Eight

Nuke: Fire damage to all enemies. (Tons)

XXXX: Auto death to one enemy

STOP: Holds all enemies

ZAP!: Auto death to all enemies.