Moogle Shrine!

Famous moogle sayings threw the ages!


"Kupo kupi!"-Kupok


"Kuponut! Yay!!"-Kippo

"Yes, lets devise a laungage solely of the word kupo to piss the humans off, then randomly speak english to confuse them!"-Moggie

"Kuppo"-The poet Kukkep

"I want mail!"-entire moogle population

Ammuseing Mognet letters!

Dear beloved, wars been fun. Send kupo nuts.

Love, kupiko

Dear Library people, I'm not very fond of you, you have no books that feature my handsome face, dispite this I think I should be paid royaltees while people make books about me. sound good? You can get in on this! Act while you can!

With all my bitter hatred, kumog

Kupoma? Theres something... I need to tell you... I love...kuponuts... Yes, I know its sudden, but I do... And I wanna share them with you, dispite the ever present greed we all share for them. I've gone mad, put me out of my misery! Please! I beg of you! pl-argh, sorry, pen broke, useing a pencil now... What was I talking about? Oh. Yes, I'd like a large pizza with kupo nuts, diced, not chopped. Hurry.

be quick about it, Love, Kupop.

Leave?! You're mad!!!
*No moogles went unharmed in the makeing of this webpage.