Pets and stuff.

Welcome to the most illrelivant and tasteless page on my site! And therefore most popular! Many a website has these dispite their lack of meaning or purpose, and for the heck of it I'll post my own to irritate everyone I can.

Here we have a exclusive ice fairy given to me by my freind TMS, her name is Kiana and goes by the nick name Winter tail, though shes very shy and peaceful.

This is Keio my exclusive AAA pet I made myself by editing a mega man sprite. wooo. I made them all at the agency actully but Its not like the place is still operational. Keio is a simple martian and a fine warrior.

Yes, I do have a neopet, I am filled with shame. Anywho Meet Nyaoko, a mildly strong, intelligent shoyru with the annoying ability to eat 30 times her body wheight in food. Currently engaged to Tahoboonie (Kristains neopet).

Mewd kitten TMS gave me this Cute kitten of my own species, I'm a adoptive parent. I wonder what I should name her, 'small thing'? Nah, she'd get made fun of. I put a link up to it so that this page would load faster, unlike how all this extra text explaning adds to the load time.

I'm tired of looking at site pets that have no enept meaning. Take me back