Orignal stories...
Fantasy, wonder, adventure...
The world of the mind spans to the infinite, imagination forever swirls with new creatation... No matter how slow. For those who stride for their own works, their own characters, their own worlds... This Section is dedicated to them. enjoy.


Half Blooded, By Smash, A intresting Romance tale of dragons and mages. Smash dose his ususal outstanding job. (R)(not finished)

Day of the Devastator, By Smash Dispite this containing lots mario related things about it I put it in orignal, don't ask me why. Its very long but well worth the read, a romantic war story of the planet Plit.(PG-13) (Off site link)

Slayer, By Smash, A knight is sent to slay a dragon, only to discover a revelation. Smash dose the ususaly excellent job in expressing emoution and desire in this short story.(R)

Within All Creatures, By PaladinFox A intresting short Fantasy story, A wraith is accused of stealing and Micheal the paladin attempts to straighten it out.(G)

The Serf's Dream, By PaladinFox Another short story by PaladinFox, I liked this quite a bit myself, A serf dreams of Becoming a Knight while a Knight hunts down Black Knights. (G)

Sacrifice for Memories Sake,By Mewd I wrote this at 3 AM without caffine, or sugar. It really shows, in any case its thus far the most serrios thing I've written. And becuase its by me it should be avoided. (PG)

Kingdom of Korata: Adventure of a Girl By TMS, (Description forth coming once I know more about the plot) (G)


The Shattered Land, By PaladinFox The seaqual to The Serf's Dream. Its pretty good too, though rather confusing. Most of the cast of the Serf reappear here, time traveling attempts to change the past. Take a look. (PG)


Child of Ages By TMS, Racku's Son is caught breaking a general rule of the house to not peak in his fathers closet. The after math of the Mask of Ka-chiri saga is explained.

The Great War: Legend of a Ninja By TMS, A sort of injoke obscure story based on SandSlashs temporary alter ego, THE WHITE NINJA! Huwah. Etc.

Villiantines day: The return of sailor chaos By TMS, I'm not entirely sure what to file this as, however it is very well written giveing alot of background on old Campfire gang characters, dispite its short length. It won't make much sense unless you've read a few other of TMS's works.(G)

Weep By TMS, Description pending.

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