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Greetings all who have mistakenidly visited this site for something with purpose or entertainment. I dear traveler are Mewd, Foolish nobody and self prolcaimed paladin. And this is my Library of Stories and muesem of artwork. The purpose of this site is simply to be a archive of peoples work, be it humor, be it stories, fanfiction, artwork, fan art. While I make random gratidus sarcastic comments about the sites negative effect on people under 80 years of age. This sites only purpose is to display peoples work, and for me to attempt failingly to get a few cheap laughs from my visitors. Sure there are other archives of art and stories, ones that are far better. But this ones mine, and you're unfortunate enough to of found it. If you have any intrest in having your own leiterary works of artwork displayed, e-mail me for discussion of it. Enjoy your stay, even though its futile! Mwahaha. Etc.

this is my fairy, don't steal her lest I throw a pie at you.
mail me, flames, large sums of money and death threats are welcome where avalable.

Stuff simmiler to content!



Stories!: Reading is good for you, so read obsessively until your eyes bulge out comically from this glareing white font.
Art!: Ammuse yourself with doodles of concept artwork from gameing companies with mustashes attatched and orignal artwork by talented artists who infact do not come here.
RPG2K games: Mediocre fan made clones of cliches already abused in professional RPGs!
Poems!: Poetic fun; Poems, Riddles, and blank pieces of paper portraying something artisticy.
Contests!: Proove your mettle, or hit matel. Or something.
Guidelines: what you really don't care about, but should know before sending Stories, Art, or poems in... This page not avalable in minty flavor.
Contributer bios: Look! More Random excuses for content fillers! As if the page of honor wasn't enough, which it obviously wasn't.
Gameing!: Somewhat comical Gaming content! Thats still kinda orignal... isn't it?
Anime:! Reveiws and such of something that seems to revolve around rainbow hair and giant robots violently tapping one another.
Mailbag!: Read sounding intelligent e-mails I've revieced about varios topics that only revolve around violence towards me.
Advice colum!: Have a problem? Need serious advice? Well you've come to the wrong place, but come here anyway and learn how to not solve your problems!
Rants!: Hear people complain about varios things? Whats more fun then that?!
Humor:! Stuff that kinda resembles humor if you stand at a distance and squint.
Page of honor:! Credits for everyone whose made this site possible.
Message Boards!: Come and talk on the message boards, and dicuss... stuff... c'mon, we won't eat you. Unless you make sudden movements.
Pets!: Cute site pets that will force you to vomit in complete awe of their cuteness.
About me!: Death awaits those who dare enter from even shere boredom.
Links!: Go to more entertaining places, like stale webcomics and sites that insult your intelligence while begging for donations.
*please note that half of these pages hold no enept purpose.
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this page brought to you by lackofintelligence inco. All flameing death is prohibited unless given a lame or good excuse.

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