Mewd: Hi gold!
Golden Road: Hi non-Pokemon type Mewd.
Mewd: thankyou,
Golden Road: you're welcome
Mewd: Whats new with you?
Golden Road: What's new, what's new... hmm...
Mewd: If you can't come up with a ansewer tell me something old, or maybe something unrelated
Golden Road: I hear Lemmy's forcing you to work in his slave room.
Mewd: oh yeah,
Mewd: thats kinda new isn't it?
Mewd:.... not really.
Golden Road: I didn't think so.
A large monitar changes onto a scene with Lemmy sitting in a study by a fire place wearing a fez twidleing his thumbs
Lemmy: Greetings, Its me dr. Lemmy koopa, you may have noticed that in previos MST's I haven't showed up in any way besides the theme song begging the question weather I actully have any part in the Mind monitering koopa scheme thingie.
Lemmy: So....Aw forget it, No one bothers to read the intros of MSTs anyway.
Golden Road: I mean, do YOU have a tentacle for an arm? Huh? HUH?!
Mewd: I could,
Mewd: If I wanted one desperately enough
Mewd: I'd need a octapuss and a staple gun though.
Golden road: Uh, Hi Lemmy.
Lemmy: Today Peons, You'll be reveiwing the Story Super Koopa RPG, One of them atleast. I hope you fear it somewhat.
Golden Road: Wait, maybe we shouldn't touch such a "classic"...
Lemmy: Shut up and get on with it.

Mewd: Cue theme song!

In the far far off future,
sometime yesterday,
There was a idiot cat guy named Mewd,
Alot weirder then you or me,
He had a job at Lemmys land compileing stories,
And he really did a horrible job at it,
But Lemmy didn't like him so he shot him into space!
He'll send him cheesy fan fics,
The worst he can find la la la,
he'll have to sit and read them all,
While they monitar his mind la la la,
Now try to remember, that no one controls when the stories begin or end, la la la,
Becuse he used the parts of the machine, to teleport his Aim freinds!
Current MSTing Aim freinds roll coll!

("I'm the moron")

Golden Road!
("Better then you")

if you are wondering how they eat and breath, and other science facts, la la la,
just remind your self its just a MSTing you should really just relax...

Its Lemmys land science theater, 3000!

now we take you to the koopa satelite of pain,

*large koopa troopa shell shaped satelite floats by the screen*

Mewd: Any specail antic you wanna say to the audiance before we start todays heckleing?
Golden Road: Mewd, you've done this before, right? It's not that painful, is it? Is it?!
Mewd: Uh....
*awkward pause*
Mewd: Lets get on with it!
Mewd smashes the quick internet button on the console and we inter a series of amuseing doggy doors into the reading room*
Both of them sit down as the story begins.
Mewd: well now that the doors locked Its save to tell you that its as painful as have several ulcers at a time..
>Super Koopa RPG
Mewd: A spoof, And a unorignal one at that!
Golden Road: So basically, nothing we haven't seen before.
>By King Nimbus
Mewd: Isn't this what Wario called himself orignally?
Golden Road: I think so... perhaps he changed his name so people wouldn't connect him with this story?
Mewd: Well lets hope as a king of puffy cotton candy that he'll cut off our ears instead.
>Lemmy is rushing to Smithy's Keep to rescue his famly from Smithy.
Mewd: woah, unexplained plot twist, feels like I stood up to fast.
Golden Road: What just happened? Did we skip part of the story?
Mewd: You'll wish we had.
Mewd: Why dose he expect smithy to be at his own keep? the logic baffles me.
Golden Road: Smithy probably told Lemmy he'd be there.
>When he gets there,
Mewd: We'll throw a surprize party!
Golden Road: Smithy: I made a cake for you!
>he runs to the throne room,
Mewd: Somehow without opening the door.
Golden Road: He must think he has superpowers or something--the ability to crash through walls.
>jumps on a chandleer, and begins to battle Smithy.
Mewd: how logical, Must be hard to do when he's supposedly not on the chadeleer.
Golden Road: I think Lemmy's dropping things on his head.
Mewd: How childish, then agains so is the fact that lemmy dosen't use doors.
>He uses his freeze gun to freeze Exor,
Mewd: how'd Exor get in this fight?
Golden Road: Or better yet, how do you freeze a metal sword?
>and then throws his ball at Exor.
Mewd: Such a lethal blow was delt exor screamed in agony as he cringed in pain.
Golden Road: Exor: AUGH! Balls! How did he know my one weakness was air-filled plastic balls?
>Exor then falls through the roof and everyone is hurled away.
Mewd: Whos everyone? the only person we know for sures in the keep is Lemmy.
Golden Road: I'm not even sure Lemmy's all there.
>Lemmy lands in Mario's house.
Mewd: don't ask how, he just appears in there.
Golden Road: First the chandelier gets air time, now Mario's house. What next?
Mewd: Don't ask questions like that, it only builds tension for the next stupid scetence.
Mewd: I wonder how The entire website got into Mario's house...
>He touches the ghost medal Mario gave him that he is wearing and says,
Mewd: "I'm pretty sure its metal"
Golden Road: Lemmy: No, I won this at the Boo Buddy Olympics!
Mewd: "I wish I were in dixie land, hurray, hurray"
Mewd: "Ah cold!" *throws medal away*
>"3 Musty Fears: I Summon you!"
Golden Road: Did Mario tell him that's what you do with the medal?
Mewd: No he just sort of walked away laughing after he traded it for Lemmy's cattle.
Mewd: "Three musty fears I summon you, for I shall slay thee and restore cleanseiness to the kithen after I defeat you!"
Mewd: "There's paper work to be done!"
>The medal begins to flash, and he knows this means the 3 Musty Fears need him,
Golden Road: How does Lemmy seem to know so much about this medal?
Mewd: I'm sure theres some sort of back story to this though its probbally just the word "spoot" repeatid over and over again.
>so Lemmy goes to Monstro Town and slept there in a dream in which he finds out that three flags have been stollen and they are at there previous locations.
Mewd: Aw, yes the most important plot point yet would be dream induced.
Golden Road: He slept in his own dream? That must be pretty dull.
Mewd: I'd think Lemmy would have a higher priority to save his family then to help a bunch of ghosts,
Golden Road: He doesn't like them.
Mewd: Then again he dose have a attetion span of a humming bird.
Golden Road: Lemmy: Ooh... shiney.
>He wakes up and remembers that Mario, Mallow, Geno, Bowser, and Peach were put under a spell that made them all wiling to tell the location of the flags.
Mewd: uh....Oooook, And he had to take a nap to remember something like his father being brain washed to guard a flag from a buncha ghosts?
Golden Road: I didn't know they made spells that made the subjects willing to tell flag locations.
Mewd6: They make japalapeno flavored ketchup don't they?
>Lemmy set off to find the three flags.
Mewd: Why we'll never know, or why he was given a valuble amulat from his mortal enemy, or why the musty ghosts needed him, or why only he wasn't kidnapped.
Golden Road: I think all that was explained in the back story that we don't get to see.
>He finds Mario being guarded by Bowser,
Mewd: Yes, guard the other guards!
>but Lemmy's surperior eye see's that he is really only a goomba,
Mewd: Only a son could tell the differnce between a seven foot turtle and a evil walking mushroom, I'll never get to see the differnce.
Golden Road: Lemmy: I hope I didn't make a mistake... what if it really was King Dad?
Mewd6: Its hard to tell the differnce.
>so he stomps him to death.
Mewd: regardless of the fact that all he was doing was standing infront of Mario.
Golden Road: Poor, innocent mushroom slaughterings. We've got to stand against this!
Mewd: Right after I take a nap which tells me about flags that tell me locations.
>Mario then joins
Lemmy and tells him that Mallow is in Nimbus Land.
Mewd: What happened to the whole being brain washed thing?
Golden Road: Mario wasn't completely brainwashed. The spell only made him spill the flag locations.
Mewd: Well since they were hid in the previos location and Lemmy apparently Already knows where they are then hes not much help is he?
Golden Road: If they were all under this spell, but in different locations--does that mean the spell didn't work on everyone?
>They find Mallow and then go to Yoster Isle,
Mewd: They didn't bring him along, upon finding him they retreated wasteing the entire trip.
Golden Road: They just wanted to say "hi".
>where they go through a portal to Dionasaur Land.
Mewd: ....I'm not even going to try.
Golden Road: What the--
>There, they use a star to get to Star Road.
Golden Road: Wouldn't a car have been easier to get to the road?
Mewd: Well they found that jumping up and down on a star shaped rock more effective.
>At Star Road they see Geno being held hostage by Smithy.
Mewd: See, smithy wasn't at his keep after all, now that he's holding his own brain washed prisonor hostage, he has an unfair advantage!
Golden Road: Smithy: I'd have an advantage, that is, if I decided to actually attack Lemmy.
>Lemmy freezes Smithy and wishes himself, Mario, Mallow, and Geno back to Dinosaur Land,
Mewd: well now smithy is defeated I suppose he's going to have to go rescue his family from him later though.
Golden Road: Lemmy freezes Smithy?! I think Bowser should ground him for not telling him this weakness back in Mario RPG.
Mewd: Well Smithy is a block of ice now, Seeing as this entire ordeal was started by him apparently there just going to leave him there and let him free to continue what ever the heck's going on.
>but they end up at Peach's Castle being held hostage by a Wendy robot.
Mewd: Robot: I'm holding the entire castle hostage, don't move or I shall dent a wall or something... and bring gold, and lots of it.
Golden Road: I'm not going to mention the logical problems here....
>Lemmy destroys the robot and finds out the locations of the flags.
Mewd: Ok, Note, Destroying Robotic clones of siblings unveals the location of missing flags. And pigs tend to fly faster then a laden swollow.
Golden Road: If Lemmy destroyed the robot as soon as he got here, then technically, he was never held hostage.
>They set off to get them, but the place they have been moved to is the dark dimension where Culex lives.
Mewd: Okay, its bad enough that we have no idea whats going let alone traveling to the world of final fantasy two for no explained reason.
Golden Road: Didn't that happen in the original Mario RPG?
Mewd: hush.
>Mario says, "Wait, Lemmy! Do you still have your freeze gun?"
Golden Road: "If so, then I'll buy it for a quarter!"
Mewd: We finnally get some diologe and the first thing he askes is if he has something he's holding in his hand.
Golden Road: Mario: I don't mean that freeze gun, Lemmy, I mean your other freeze gun. You know, the one you used another day?
>Lemmy says "Yeah, why?"
"Does it work on anti-matter?"
"No, but I can make it work on both matter and anti-matter at the same time."
Mewd: Meaning he can't harm either one at a time unless their both together, makeing as harmful as a flashlight. hooray for science!
Golden Road: You'd think if Lemmy could make the freeze gun work for both at the same time, he could also make it work for each one seperately.
Mewd: We stride for Illogical catches!
>"You make it trap fire, wind, water, and ice energy."
Mewd: Here, take this lump of valchaoic rock, I want you to crush it into diamond while you turn my pile of lead into gold.
>Lemmy uses his wand to teleport every one to his room.
Mewd: *gasp* its the dark demension! flee for your life!
Golden Road: All: AAUUGGHH!!
>He hands Mario a Mario Kart game for the modifyed 8 player Super Nintendo and says, "You guys play this while I modify my freeze gun." He goes into his work room................
Mewd: which dosen't exist....
Mewd: He just walked into the closet and made sounds of varios eltric tools and machinery
Golden Road: Not to mention, why do they need the modified 8 player Super Nintendo anyway? It's only Mario, Geno, and Mallow that are playing.
Mewd: each needs a extra controller to make sure they feel loved.
Golden Road: Someone's going to be mad when two of them get three controllers, but one only gets two.
>Hours pass...
Lemmy walks out and says "I'm done!"
Mewd: bathrooms free,
Golden Road: You know, do we ever find out what exactly Lemmy did in there?
>Every one tells him they each won a game. He congratulates them and asks, "Mario do you still have the shiny stone?"
Mewd: they were there for hours and each one managed to win one game, guess it took them a while to realize they had to use the controller thats pluged in.
Golden Road: When did Lemmy find out about Mario having a shiny stone?
Mewd: The authers just trying to ruin every single secret in Mario RPG for the readers before it ends.
>"Nope. "
"Let's go get it."
Lemmy grabs 500 Koopa coins and teleports everyone to the fireworks place in Moleville. He buys the fireworks and trades them for the shiny stone he.
Golden Road: ?!?!?!
Golden Road: Can I get an English translation?
Mewd: sorry we don't offer that service past breakfast.
>Then he teleports everyone to the enternce of the dark demention and asks,
Golden Road15: "Why exactly did we come back here?"
Mewd: "Why, oh why, did I ever leave my hobbit hole..."
Golden Road: "Where's Culex? We want to kill him, despite the fact we have nothing against him."
>"What's the plan?"
Mewd: OKAY! Lets reveiw, Lemmy went to go rescue his family but instead deicded he wanted to look for flags so he saved a small number of allies who were just standing around and then modified his gun to absorb elemtnal energy, now we're going to final fantasy two threw culex's house for some reason to look for the flag.
Golden Road: Well said, Mewd.
Mewd: Dispite the fact that they couldn't of known about culex without defeating him, and his house disappears after you fight him.
>Mario says "Use your freeze gun on Culex and then trap the crystels when they explode."
Mewd: We'll wait paiently for them to explode volitarily, I'm sure it'll work.
>They go in and follow the plan with everything working perfectly. With things back to normal they get the flags.
Mewd: Things sure go normally when you go into another dark demension of chaos.
Golden Road: Maybe Wario means "as normal as it could possibly be."
>Lemmy trasports to the fear house in Monstro Town and goes to bed.
Golden Road: Lemmy: I'd much rather sleep in some strange place than my comfy bed at home.
>The ghost medal is reactavated, he transports everyone to his room,
Mewd: The entire reason he did this was so they could go to his room and play Mario kart some more.
>got his freeze gun, and summons the 3 Musty Fears.
Golden Road15: That'd make seven players--wonder who'd get the extra controller?
Mewd: *fight ensues*
>He asks if they can find his famly, and Big Boo says he can detect Bowser if Bowser uses the terrorize spell.
Golden Road: Bowser's sure to be using the terrorize spell for no apparent reason, just for the fun of it.
Mewd: Well really he was asking about his family, bowser dosen't count as he's off being hypnotized by the flags. And the rest of his family apparently dosen't count anymore.
>The 3 Musty Fears go to search for Lemmy's famly.
Mewd: Lemmy couldn't of done that himself apparently.
Golden Road: He was sidetracked by his little "find the flags" game.
>Lemmy teleports everyone to Smithy for the "final" battle. He destroys Smithy with the freeze gun,
Mewd: you know, again. You can't die to many times.
Golden Road: Just like Mario starts a game with 5 lives, so does Smithy I guess.
Mewd: Makes me wish I knew why he deicded to attack smithy again.
>but in one last attempt Smithy blasts the freeze gun,
Mewd: Actully Lemmy just dropped it.
Golden Road: How did Smithy blast the freeze gun if he was just destroyed?
Mewd: Magic.
>destroying it. On the ground appears the crystals that were
trapped plus a black crystal. They each turn in to a Culex- a fire Culex, and water Culex, and earth Culex, an ice Culex, and a shadow Culex- and became the Culex Rangers.
Mewd: ................*isn't going to even bother to try and make sense of the above*
Golden Road: The Culex Rangers? I hope we don't see any more Power Rangers rip-offs in this story.
Mewd: oh, don't look ahead then.
Mewd: Ahhhh, Space invaders!
Golden Road: Aren't there supposed to be 55 Space Invaders?
Mewd: We're playing easy mode apparently.
>The V.R. Troopers stand outside a museum on Earth that used to be a castle owned by a King and Queen who had 7 kids
Golden Road: Why, oh why, are the V.R. Troopers in this story now?!
Mewd6: speak of the devil! A power rangers rip off, I hope your happy.
>- 6 sons and 1 daughter (sound familer?),
Mewd: No, explain it slower, with examples and pictures and amuseing puppet antics.
Golden Road: 6 sons and 1 daughter... I think if someone doesn't get that, saying "sound familiar?" isn't going to help them.
>when slugs appear.
Mewd: they only have 6 sons and a daughter when the slugs are around, other wise theirs about twenty of the,.
Golden Road: And when snails appear, they have 3 sons and 2 daughters.
>They quickly shout "Trooper Transform we are V.R." (Note: They do this at the very same time Lemmy and the others teleport to Smithy's
Keep; this will be importent later in the story.)
Mewd: So when These kids see slugs they scream out something thats likely to get them beat up at any school in the grand u, s, of a, and this is very important to the story....?
Golden Road: The V.R. Troopers have a fear of slugs... I'll have to write that down somewhere! Maybe I should use the computer screen, since it's so ultra-important.
Mewd: *helps you draw over the current story*
>All of the sudden they appear in Smithy's Keep.
Mewd: Stealing Lemmys inapt ability to not use doors.
Golden Road15: Lemmy: I'll see you in court!
Mewd: they just sorta appear in smithy's keep
>J.B. sees the battle betewn Smithy and Lemmy and says "Ah,
guys look around!
Mewd: J.B.: Don't you just love this mountain range?!
Golden Road: J.B.: If you do it fast enough you get really dizzy.
>We got 2 monsters fighting (a.k.a Smithy and Lemmy)and we don't have our armor on, not to mention that we're in a totally new place!"
Mewd: We're also in a factory, and we're breathing at a rapid rate, and there's also hair on my head!
>Kareen asks "What do we do?"
Mewd and gold stand up and scream "YATZEE!"
>Ryan says "Contact Profeor Hert!" He takes out his hand held comunicator that looks like a P.K.A. Meter. YThe device says "V.R. Troopers! If you are receiving this message then you are in anothor dimension.
Golden Road15: "So NYA! You're stuck, and there's nothing you can do about it!"
Mewd: "please hold until we hold a greater intrest in your perdicament"
can transform for a short time once your virelizer stops flashing. When you are transformed, your armor will flash where your virelizer is before you detransform. At the time when your virelizer stops flashing, you will be able to transform again.
Mewd: They used these same tests on animels to test their eye sight, how amuseing.
Golden Road: Why do they have a time limit on their transformations in this dimension?
Mewd: Becuase someones useing the microwave to make popcorn.
>The amount of time betewn charges depend on how much power you use. Please leave your name, number, and a message after the beep{beep}."
Mewd6: *enters name adress and credit card number*
Golden Road: You know, I think the Troopers forgot to leave that information, since they're about to stand around doing nothing for hours.
>Hours Pass....................
Mewd: Wow, your phsyic, They just stood and watched as the many culex's wailed on lemmy.
Golden Road: Apparently, they don't care for anyone's safety but their own.
>The Culex Rangers appear, and the V.R. Troopers see that there virelizers have stopped flashing. They shout "Trooper transfrom we are V.R!"
Mewd: *ding* popcorns done.
Golden Road: The Culex Rangers appear? I thought they've been there for hours?
Mewd: Yes but they deicded to watch record of lodoss war first.
>They get the red Culex (Fire Culex) and the blue one (Water Culex) to touch each other, and they both disappear. Then they get the yellow one (Wind Culex) and the green one (Earth Culex) to touch each other, and they both disappear.
Mewd: Who would of guess all it took was to push the huge monster into another for it to die instantly?
Golden Road: I never knew fire could put out water.
Mewd: Other then the fact that the auther has yet to get the colors and elements the represent correct yet... this scene fails to make less sense.
>Geno casts his Geno Blast spell and Shadow Culex disappears. Lemmy explains what happened to the V.R Troopers and tells them to get back to Earth.
Mewd: shoo, we don't like your kind here.
Golden Road: They'd better leave before Lemmy recreates this story....
>They (as in every one in the room who is alive) have to recreate the event that took them to Smithy's Keep.
Mewd: *laughs evilly* Lets see them explain THIS!
Golden Road: Must be a form of torture.
>They recreate it.
Mewd: Hey thats cheating!
Golden Road: I can recreate it too--"it".
>Now The V.R. Troopers are on Earth and Lemmy and the others are in his room Lemmy has a long face on Mario says, "Lemmy, what's wrong? We beat Smithy and the Culex Rangers!"
Mewd: Lemmy: I am upset that we have failed to make any logical sense or understandable actions as of yet, And that I am third place on mario kart.
Mewd: And that we took all the trouble to explain something to some idiots who were just going to leave anyway.
>Lemmy says, "I know, but we still haven't found my family."
Mewd: Oh that, your still trying to do that aren't you? ...... Thats not really important is it?
Golden Road: It's Lemmy's own fault. He wanted to play the flag-finding game instead of looking for his family.
>Just then The 3 Musty Fears appear and say, "Lemmy, we know where your dad is."
Mewd: all: *groan tiredly*
Golden Road: Big Boo: Yeah, yeah, Bowser used his terrorize spell for some reason.
Mewd: Greeper: he was trying to make a sandwhich.
>Lemmy smiles ear to ear.
Golden Road: ...despite the fact that Lemmy doesn't have ears.
>Lemmy says "Where is he?"
The Three Musty Fears tell him where he is and Lemmy and the others transport there.
Golden Road: Are they sure it's not just another Goomba?
Mewd: You expect them to know the differnce?
>They find a Chargin Chuck holding Bowser Hostage. With his surperior viison, Lemmy sees his mind is being controlled and thinks to himself, 'Smithy is dead! How can he be controlled? he hasn't even been yeerked!'
Golden Road15: Yeerked--verb 1. To make up words that don't exist in real life 2. A verb that makes no sense whatsoever
Mewd: Lemmy: i kin c wit mii speshell viison that bowser is brain washed by the fact that he's walking upright!
Golden Road: How exactly can Lemmy see into his head, even with superior vision, anyway?
Mewd: He's been wearing 3D glasses,
Golden Road: ...not to mention, he'd have to be looking at himself in a mirror.
>Mario takes a feather out of his pocket and puts it on his hat like an Indian and a cape appears on Mario. Mario does his spin attack and Chargin Chuck dies.
Mewd: Now they killed off another cast memeber who hadn't threatened them in any way.
Golden Road: Are they ever going to kill someone that's actually threatening them?
Golden Road: Even Smithy didn't fight back until Lemmy shot him TWICE with his freeze gun!
>Lemmy picks up the note and key that Chargin Chuck dropped, frees Bowser from his cage, and reads the note. The note lists some special magic words. Lemmy speeks the magic words but nothing happens.
Mewd: Mewd: Lemmy: My last will and testiment I Bill "chargin" chuck leave all my... eh Where's the magic?
Golden Road: That's because he needs to read the magic words backwards. Everyone knows that.
>Bowser makes a stone with a hole in the top of it appear.
Golden Road: Bowser: Anyone insult this magic trick and I'll kill 'ya right now!
>He puts his wand in the hole until all that is
visible is its orb. He instructs, "Stack your right and then your left hands on the orb. Then at the same say the magic words."
Mewd: Bowser: Then stick your head in the hole and hope nothing bites it off.
>They do and every one appears next to a Goomba holding Clawdia prisoner. Bowser jumps on him, gets the note and key from him, frees Clawdia, and reads the note. It tells them how to find a certain Piranha Plant.
Golden Road: Do these enemies ever DO anything?! They're as dangerous as a stuffed toy!
Mewd: Bowser: it was self defence I swear!
>They follow the instructions and appear by a Piranha Plant holding Ludwig hostage. Peach hits the Piranha Plant with her frying pan and the plant dies. Clawdia gets the note and key, frees Ludwig, and reads the note It tells them how to find a certain Muncher.
Golden Road: These battle scenes are so well detailed.
Mewd: I feel like I'm there with them yawning in boredom
>They follow the instructions and appear by a Muncher who challenges Lemmy to a one on one any attack fight to the death. Lemmy accepts the challange and shouts, "Clone up!" His clones appear but attack Lemmy instead of the Muncher. Lemmy quickly shouts, "Clone down!" The clones disappear and then Lemmy makes the Muncher want to commit suicide, and the Muncher does.
Mewd: lemmy: You wanna commit suicide now becuase I made my clone attack myself!
Golden Road15: You know, it's nice to see an enemy actually ATTACKING! But Munchers actually AREN'T supposed to do anything! What kind of weird Muncher is this?!
>They do a lot of battling until they find Morton Jr. Lemmy says, "It is to hot!"
Mallow casts his Snowy spell and says, "Lemmy, stay cold with this while we rescue Morton!"
Mewd: *they walk off screen and come back* We saved you!
Golden Road: Sadly, that's really what happens.
>He does so. Once Morton is rescued they continue rescuing the others.
After rescuing Susan B., they appear in Chill Dog Land. Sonic says, "Mario, I challange you to a 1on1 fight to the death! The loser's girlfriend dies too!"
Golden Road: I thought Sonic was supposed to be a good guy! Why does he want to kill Mario?!
Mewd: He has nothing against Mario, he intends to lose the fight so both he and sally die.
>Mario accepts the challange. During the battle, Peach an Sally talk. Peach says. "Sally, do you know why
their risking our lives?"
Mewd: Greed? Egos? popcorn?
Golden Road: Where did Peach come from? She wasn't anywhere else. All we heard about Peach is that she was forced to tell where flags were.
Mewd6: And that she hit a enemy over the head with a frying pan eariler,
Golden Road: Was she waiting by that Piranha Plant the whole time?
>Sally says, "No, I'll ask Nicole." She takes out her hand held computer and says, "Nicole, do Sonic and Mario have to risk our lives?"
Mewd: nicole: Ding! Level 5.6! ny 1 c my corspe?
Golden Road: Nicole: You know, I don't like you anymore Sally. I hope you die! Die, darn you, die!
>Nicole says, "Mario, yes. Sonic, no."
Mewd: Sonic can easily be replaced with a bag of potatos.
>Sally says, "Nicole, call Robo Sonic. Don't worry, Robo Sonic will kill Sonic. I'll only die if Mario kills Sonic."
Mewd: Like this made sense to begin with....
Golden Road: Would Mario really kill Sally if he killed Sonic?
>Tails and Knuckles come over and say, "We couldn't help over hearing, so Sonic's a traitor fighter!"
Mewd: We were only a mile away, We couldn't help but hear you!
>Robo Sonic flies down and he and Sonic battle. Robo Sonic strangles Sonic and Sonic presses the self destruct button on Robo Sonic. Sonic explodes and Robo Sonic dies from lack of air. Sally allies with Peach, Knuckles aliies with Susan B., and Tails allies with Roy.
Mewd: who was being held hostage by a pop tart pastery this entire time.
Mewd: Why did the robot explode from a lack of air?
Golden Road: Why are they allying up with one another, now?
Mewd: They're rebeling against the Auther! VIVA REVOULION!
Golden Road: You know, Lemmy never saved Larry, Wendy, or iggy. What's become of them?
Mewd: Uh, There is still about 4 or so koopa's missing, Never mind, they weren't important.
Golden Road: Nevermind that Wendy's my favorite Koopaling....
>Lemmy noticeds someone who look somewhat like a Koopa and somewhat like a Korkie. The figure walks out of the glowing circle he is in.
Mewd: Oh great, now its a zelda cross over.
Golden Road: Well, it's an everything-else crossover, so why not Zelda?
>Lemmy says, "Who are you?"
Mewd: We'll never know.
>The figure walks back into the circle and then the figure and the circle disappears.
Mewd: I'm sad.
Golden Road: What was the point of the Koopa/Korkie hybrid? It came into the story just to leave? I guess it wanted its airtime along with the chandelier.
>Lemmy transfers everybody to Nintendo Headquarters. The N.V.G.C.S.A.C, the Nintendo Video Game, Creature, and System Approval Council decides to make Sally, Tails, and Knuckles Nintendo video game characters. They each are given a transfer sheet. Sally's reads:
Mewd: Uh, why?
Golden road shrugs.
Mewd: each transfer sheet asks you what color you like and weather you to die or not.
Golden Road: Isn't it blasphemous to call Sally, Tails', and Knuckles Nintendo characters?
>Name: Princess Sally
Video games in: None
TV shows in: Sonic the Hedgehog
Ocupation: None
Occupation you want: side kick of Princess Peach Toadstool
Company from: Sega
Company to: Nintendo
Mewd: She just wants to kick toadstool in the side, don't get us wrong.
Golden Road: She wants to become the new princess... she's going to try to overthrow Peach.
>Tails' reads:
Name: Miles (Tails) Fox
Video games in: Sonic 2, 3, and Sonic 3D
TV shows in: Sonic the Hedgehog and Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Ocupation: side kick of Sonic the Hedgehog
Ocupation you want: side kick of Roy Koopa
Company from: Sega
Company to: Nintendo
Mewd: obsession to kill: Mild.
Golden Road: Roy?! Wouldn't Roy kill a puny wimp like Tails' the fox?
Mewd: Yes but only after he makes his lunch.
>Knuckles' reads:

Name: Knuckles
Video games in: Sonic 3, Sonic 3D, and Sonic and Knuckles
TV shows in: None
Occupation: side kick of Sonic side, before that sidekick of Robotnic
Occupation you want: side kick of Susan B. Koopa
Company from: Sega
Company to: Nintendo
Mewd: Grammer skills: iM' smertier than u!!!!111
Golden Road: How much more torture? Make it stop! Make it stop!
>The End
Golden Road15: YAY!
Mewd proceeds to do a happy jig.
Golden road: Ha ha, Silly Mew dance.
Mewd then baps gold over the head.
Mewd: What'd you think?
Golden Road: I think the story made no sense whatsoever.
Mewd: True, And I think the popcorns done.
Mewd: Did you have fun in this torturus event?
Golden Road: Yes, I found it fun. Anytime I learn a new word, like yeerked, I can't complain.
Mewd: Its all over now, Bye, don't eat my head.
Gold proceeds to bite off Mewds arm.
Moral: Never trust people made of cotton candy.