Cue theme song!

In the far far off future,
sometime yesterday,
There was a idiot cat guy named Mewd,
Alot weirder then you or me,
He had a job at Lemmys land compileing stories,
And he really did a horrible job at it,
But Lemmy didn't like him so he shot him into space!
He'll send him cheesy fan fics,
The worst he can find la la la,
he'll have to sit and read them all,
While they monitar his mind la la la,
Now try to remember, that no one controls when the stories begin or end, la la la,
Becuse he used the parts of the machine, to teleport his Aim freinds!
Current MSTing Aim freinds roll coll!

("I'm the moron")

("Don't call me dragon boy")

if you are wondering how they eat and breath, and other science facts, la la la,
just remind your self its just a MSTing you should really just relax...

Its Lemmys land science theater, 3000!

now we take you to the koopa satelite of pain,

>A Lesson To Be Learned

>By Pikachu

Mewd: We will now mst a fan fic made by demon spawn.
Smash: Eee!
>It was a day at school.
Mewd: this was strange, becuase normally school never takes place durring the day.
smash: Yeah, all the Koopalings go to night school
>Ludwig was feeling tired for the fourth consecutive day. He didn't know why but he just was.
Mewd: his soul is resltess from not knowing the true meaning of haunaka.
Smash: That and the fact that Karma and Wendy were screaming in tandem for 4 nights straight.
>He didn't know why but he just was. In two days was the big school dance.
Mewd: well theres your ansewer! if ludwig attended two straight days of danceing I am pretty sure he would be tired.
Smash: Ludwig: Sleeeeep. Must....get....sleeeeeep...
>Ludwig invited a Koopa named Jesse.
Mewd: jesse: I am sorry ludwig, I have to wash my hair for two straight days, I can't go with you
Smash: And then Karma threw another tantrum and beat Ludwig's head in.
>He was very excited but he hoped he would't be tired.
Mewd: So LOGICALY he downed 10 cups of coffee to make sure he didn't miss the dance.
Smash: .....10 million cups. And for that matter, 50 liters of pop and a couple hundred candy bars.
>Principal: We see you've been falling asleep lately in class. Have you gotten a good nights rest?
Mewd: princibal: we're VERY concerned about your personal life, tell us everything or you shall not live to regret it.
Smash: Ludwig: Well, my sister and fiancee have been screaming at each other, my brother is making fun of me in his Land, my grades are down to 300%....
>Ludwig: I'm sure I have, sir. But for some reason I keep feeling drowsy and tired.
Mewd: Ludwig: I take regular doses of niqual threwout the day to help me go to sleep later in the day but it only worsens the problem
Smash: Ludwig: And then I stay up all night reading through books about how to sleep.
>Principal: We suggest you get a good nights rest tonight. A long nights rest.
Mewd: A ENTERNAL nights rest.
Smash: Ludwig: AIE! *Drives a stake into the Principal's heart*
>Ludwig: I will, sir.
Mewd: so he was sent to the princibal for sleeping in class, and yet he was not punished, where as in my vast knowalge of television prinibals, they usually do punish for stuff like that.
Smash: Well, after the story he was sent to Death Row.
>At Gym
>Gym Teacher: Ok guys. Thats enough for today. Go to your gym lockers.
>Student: Hey Ludwig, Ive heard you have gotten sleepy in class for a while.
Mewd: ludwig: yes, listening to people talk is exhausting
Smash: Student: You've been asleep all day! There's that cartoony Z-Bubble above your head!
>Ludwig: Tell me about it!
Mewd: student: I heard you've been getting sleepy during class as of yet
>Student: Well, these pills here will keep you from going to sleep.
Mewd: Student: its not like it won't kill you
Smash: Yeah, it's really smart to take pills that a total stranger gives you at school.
>Ludwig: I'm not taking drugs!
Mewd: ludwig: without a garnish! you barbarian,
Smash: Student: This here pill is a garnish! It's dragon blood! (Note from Smash: Dragon blood is poisoness)
>Student: No no! They will keep you from going to sleep. But only take one at a time, ok?
Mewd: or else your head will implode,
Smash: And then you'll talk in a widdle cartoony voice.(Another note from Smash: Dragon blood is also a stimulant)
>Ludwig: Well, I do want to stay awake at the dance. Ok, I will take them.
Mewd: student: the dance? wait you won't survive that long if you take these.
Smash: Student: You'll stay awake for about 5 hours, then die a horrible painful death
Smash: Ludwig: I don't care!
Mewd: did we mention you'll exsperiance horrible spasems also?
Smash: And think everyone is your fiancee?
>Student: They are free.
Mewd: ludwig: I don't want them if there not drugs!
Smash: Student: You get 50 free pills for only 5,000,000,000 coins.
> Ludwig: Thanks!

>At Home
Mewd: whos?
Smash: Yours
Smash: The reader's
Mewd: ooooohh.
>Lemmy: Hey Ludwig, I'm coming to the school dance with you!
Mewd: ludwig: no thanks I already have a date.
Smash: Lemmy: Aw man, I wanted to wear mom's wedding dress.
Smash: Ludwig: Go with Iggy.
>Ludwig: Cool! You going with anyone?
Mewd: So ludwigs expecting lemmy to of been dateing multiple people?
Smash: Of course. Koopalings are expected to date at least 6 people at once.
>Lemmy: Yep!

>Ludwig: Cool! Lets go.
Mewd: Ludwig: its still two days till the dance and we need to get the camp set up
Mewd: ludwig dosen't seem to care to much about who hes going with
Smash: Yeah? And? He's on the most deadly of drugs, what do you expect?
> A chauffeur drives Lemmy and his date and Ludwig and his date to the dance.
Smash: You mean Lemmy and his 'dates.'All six of them.
Smash: THey were Iggy, Larry, Wendy, Roy, Susan, and Morton.
>Lemmy: Hey Ludwig, are those vitamins in your pocket?
Mewd: Ludwig: no their drugs idiot
Smash: Ludwig: No, they're concentrated poison.
(Yet another note from Smash: Dragon's blood also forces a paerson to tell the truth)
>Ludwig: None of your business!
Mewd: Ludwig: Leave me and my drugs alone
Smash: Ludwig: *Mood swing* I'm on Baywatch! Hoo hoo hoo!
>Zoe (Lemmy's date): Can't you tell Lemmy what they are?
Mewd: Lemmy: who are you?
Smash: Ludwig: I'm only three-and-a-half years old!
Smash: Lemmy: Is it just you or is Ludwig acting weird?
All: Just you.
Mewd: lemmys lack of vitamens is cuaseing himm to question everything.
Smash: And the dragon blood flowing through Ludwig is forcing him to tell the truth.
>Ludwig: No!
>Lemmy: I havent taken my vitamins lately.
Mewd: he has moments to live then.
Smash: Ludwig: Here, you can have some of my drugs.
>Ludwig: Sorry, but you can't have these.
>Lemmy: Fine!
>At the Dance
Mewd: I thought they were already there... weren't they? maybe their going to go to a differnt dance...
Smash: No, they were in their privite jet.
Smash: Ludwig: DO THE NIXON!
Smash: Lemmy: I am not a crook!
Smash: everyone: you are too!
>Ludwig: Hey, I don't feel sleepy! I didn't even take those pills! Whoopie!
Mewd: logically if he thought he needed them, he would of taken them.
Smash: He's hallucinating. He took 49 out of 50 of those dragon's blood pills.
> Lemmy: Oh man! I need my vitamins.
Mewd: Lemmy: lack... of... vitamen.... s.... slowly dieing...
smash: Lemmy: Lack....of....Vitamin....F....X....W....BB....XXX....
smash: Lemmy: GWAK!
>Jesse (Ludwig's date): Care to dance Ludwig?
Mewd: ludwig: what? you mean people actully dance at dances?
Smash: Ludwig: I can't. If Karma sees me, I'll get my head torn off again.
>Ludwig: Sure!

>Ludwig leaves the pills on the table.
Mewd: actully he sprinkled them all over the free donuts, but thats not important
Smash: And then the doughnuts turned into dragons that blew up the building, but that's not important either.
>Lemmy: Ahhh, there are those vitamins. Be right back, Zoe! I need a full dose!
Mewd: geez, I never seen a kid so obsessed with health pills.
Smash: Yeah, it's reaaaaaaly smart to take some pills that you don't even know what's in them.
>Lemmy: Much better! I'm ready to dance, Zoe!!!!

>Zoe: Ok!

>Ludwig: Ill be right back, Jesse.

>Ludwig: There is my pill bottle. Its empty!
Mewd: hmm. Have. you. noticed. that. this. story. has. alot. of. haulted. scetences?
Smash: Actually. No. But. I. Miss. Lots. Of. Things.
>Lemmy: Hey Ludwig isn't this the best dance I mean the greatest dance ever well got to go byhe.
Mewd: hey, this story went from being haulted to nonhaulted in one scentence
Smash: It's the dragon's blood. *Screams at Lemmy* YOU FOOL! YOU ONLY TAKE DRAGON'S BLOOD IF YOU'RE SUCICIDAL!
>Ludwig: Lemmy is acting very lively right now. Gasp! The pills! Lemmy, stop! We need to get you to a hospital!
Mewd: phew! haulted speach is back, I was starting to become scared we would have to bare every scentence without periods.
Smash: As I said, it was the dragon blood.
Smash: Hey! I just realised something!
Mewd: what?
Smash: I'm the only dragon on Plit.: And therefore... THAT'S MY BLOOD!
Smash Faints.
Mewd reacts in some way.
Mewd: *blinks*
>Lemmy: But Ludwig I'm having a great time!
>Ludwig: You don't understand! Those pills you took!
Mewd: Are really pez!
Mewd: it would have the same effect,
Smash: Ludwig: Were stolen from the only dragon on Plit! If we don't give them back, he'll kill us all!
Mewd: I know its a running gag smash, but its getting a TAD old at this point.
Smash: Only a tad? I'll have to try harder!
Smash: Lemmy: Really? That's too bad since I needed vitamins and there's no way I'm giving anything back to you since you're relly mean to me and I hate you.
>While Ludwig is talking Lemmy faints and looks dead.
Mewd: no one noticed the body till it started to smell a few weeks later.
Smash: And then they just blamed it on a skunk.
>Everyone: GASP!!!!!!
Mewd: their giveing out complementery cocktail weenies!
Smash: They didn't open a new Starbucks this week!
Smash: Ludwig: No, Lemmy's dead.
Smash and Mewd: Aw, is that it? What a rip off!
>Ludwig: We need a docter! Quick! Help!

>At the Hospital

Smash: Oh, sure, you go to the hospital when someone's dead. That's hardly logical
Mewd: since when has any of these msts included logic?
Smash: Since 5 seconds ago
>Lemmy: Ohhhhh. Thanks for helping me Lu- Ludwig! You saved my li- li- life!
Mewd: like the diaologe couldn't get anymore haulted.
Smash: Nah the you-know-wht pills made him develop a permant stutter.
>Ludwig: Its all my fault! Now I realize those weren't medical pills! Those were drugs!
>Lemmy: Drugs?!
Mewd: Lemmy: Why didn't you tell me sooner? you should of gotten more!
Kai Dawnbringer: Lemmy: I needed to have enough to give to all my dates!
>Ludwig: Please forgive me! But you shouldn't just take things lying around! Youre lucky I saved you or else you probably would have died!
Mewd: Ludwig: note to self, next time, don't be around lemmy when hes near death.
Smash: Ludwig: I saved your life so you are now my personal slave!
>Bowser and the rest of the family arrive.
>Bowser: Oh Lemmy! Are you ok?
Mewd: Lemmy: no. Bowser: good.
Smash: Lemmy: Wah! Everybody hates me!
Smash: Everyone: Well, duh.
>Lemmy: Ludwig saved my life.
>Bowser: Ludwig, I'm so proud of you for coming to Lemmy's rescue!
Mewd: Bowser must think he still needs rescueing
Smash: He does. Lemmy is about to go delirous. He's going to try to kill them all.
Mewd6: Ludwig: Well, uh...
>Larry: Youre a hero!
Mewd: ludwig: yay, I should drug my siblings more oftein!
Smash: Ludwig: Next, Roy. I'll kill him. Then Morton.
>Iggy: You okay bro?
>Lemmy: Yeah. I think I will be okay.
Smash: Lemmy: least until I....
Smash: Lemmy throws up.
>Docter: Lemmy Koopa here took an overdose of drugs. Youre lucky that your other son came to his rescue or he would have died for sure!
>Lemmy: Oh my!
Mewd: lemmy hates being reminded that he was near death, so he reacts as if he never knew each time.
Smash: Don't worry about Lemmy. He's been near death about 12 times, and he enen died twice.
>Bowser: I will talk to you later, Lemmy. For now I'm giving Ludwig a great present when we get home!
>Ludwig: Goody!
Mewd: Shouldn't ludwig feel guilty?
Smash: Nah, he's been trying to kill Lemmy for years.
>At Home

>Bowser: Since youre the oldest I present you with the crown. Ludwig, I was saving this for when you were ready to be king, but I believe you are ready now. All hail King Ludwig!

Mewd: ludwig: Now I am REALLY incouraged to drug family memebers
Smash: Ludwig: My first decree: Bowser is hereby banished from the Koopa Klan!
smash: My second decree: Everyone must worship me
Smash: My third decree: Poison my brothers and sister!
>Mewd6: Ludwig: Cool!
>Bowser: Now Lemmy. What were you thinking? You can't just take anything you find lying around! What you took almost took your life!
Mewd: bowser dosen't Understand Lemmys obsessian with viatems.
Smash: Lemmy doesn't understand that Ludwig did that on purpose.
>Lemmy: I'm real sorry King Dad.
>Bowser: Go to your room! Youre grounded indefinitly!
Mewd: Lemmy: awww, but they were good drugs...
Smash: Ludwig: My fourth decree: Lemmy shall be executed!
>Lemmy: (sniff sniff)
Mewd: I thought lemmy stopped doing drugs,
Smash: Bowser wants to kill him too. It's all a scheme. Ludwig hypnotised him into taking them.
>Ludwig: Wait! King Dad, I don't deserve this!
>Bowser: Why not?
Mewd: Becuase he said so stupid. Do you dare disobey the king?
Smash: Ludwig: Because I'm quitting my job and becoming a cloystered monk in Tibet!
>Ludwig: I have a confession to make. Those were my drugs!

>Bowser: What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mewd: Didn't bowser already know that Lemmy took drugs?
Mewd: he must have the memory span of a goldfish
Smash: But Ludwig said it.
Smash: Bowser: YOU IDIOT! Don't confess! I wanna ground Lemmy! I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!
Smash: *Bowser throws a tantrum*
Mewd: MAybe he just thought viatems are that deadly
>Ludwig: At school this kid said that these pills which I found out later were drugs said would keep me awake. So I took them but now I realize they are drugs.
Mewd: Ludwig: so I want them back!
Smash: Lemmy: You can't have them!
>Bowser: How could you Ludwig?
Mewd: ludwig: quite easily
Smash: Ludwig: Simple. I unscrewed the cap, grabbed a pill and swallowed it.
>Ludwig: (sniff sniff) I'm so sorry King Dad! I didn't know! I really trusted him!
Mewd: He gave me candy too, I gave that to larry.
Smash:*Larry stumples into the room singing the Meow Mix theme.*
Smash: Wait! Ludwig: And pop, I gave that to Morton. *Morton staggers into the room singing the Pepsodent theme.*
>Bowser: Don't trust anyone when they have drugs or anything like that! Look what happened to Lemmy!
Mewd: Ludwig: and this effects me how?
Smash: Bowser: You didn't kill him!
>Ludwig: Heres your crown back.
>Bowser: Never ever take anything weird from people! Even if you know them very well. I hope you've learned a valuable lesson.
Mewd: nope.
Smash: Nope
>Ludwig: I have! I have!
>Bowser: Lemmy, come here for a minute.
>Lemmy: (sniff) What is it (blub) King Dad?
Mewd: blub?
>Bowser: I just wanted to say that you two have learned a valuable lesson. Now both of you are grounded for an entire month.
>Lemmy and Ludwig: For the first time we accept our punishment!
>The End