Mewd: Cue theme song!
In the far far off future,
sometime yesterday,
There was a idiot cat guy named Mewd,
Alot weirder then you or me,
He had a job at Lemmys land compileing stories,
And he really did a horrible job at it,
But Lemmy didn't like him so he shot him into space!
He'll send him cheesy fan fics,
The worst he can find la la la,
he'll have to sit and read them all,
While they monitar his mind la la la,
Now try to remember, that no one controls when the stories begin or end, la la la,
Becuse he used the parts of the machine, to teleport his Aim freinds!
Current MSTing Aim freinds roll coll!

("I'm the moron")

("Don't call me dragon boy")

if you are wondering how they eat and breath, and other science facts, la la la,
just remind your self its just a MSTing you should really just relax...

Its Lemmys land science theater, 3000!

now we take you to the koopa satelite of pain,

>the kidnap
Mewd: Not in any way related to the book of the same name by robert lousus stevenson.
>The Koopas were at a meeting to decide what should be done about Mario and Luigi. Bowser was calling the role. He did not call Larry because he was excused from these meetings because of his age. "Morton?"
Smash: WHAT?!? They're not letting Larry come because of his age? EEEEOOOOOEEEEOOOO! Prejudice alarm!!!!!!
Mewd: the less the merrier
>"I'm here. I'm always here. I've been here so long...... ."

Mewd: morton: I forgot what I was getting at
Smash: Oh, so you were here since you were born? You've probably gotten into the book of records for that




>"Yeah, yeah, I'm here."

Mewd: bowser: Bowser?.... bowser?! Wheres bowser!? Oh yeah...
both: What about us?
Smash: Iggy: I'm a cross dresser!
Mewd: hows that relivant to the previos line?
Smash: In no way
Mewd: Lemmy: no I'm not here, lemmie alone
> Wendy piped up,
Mewd: she can cough up pipes that easily?
Smash: Nah, she was climbing up pipes
>"He went to a secret place to build what he thinks will allow him to rule the universe."
Mewd: Bowser: I See, so he locked himself away from civalization to plot world domanation...
Mewd: Bowser: Hes become a sci fi fan!
Smash: Roy: It's been Done before!
Smash: Wendy: How unimaginitive!
>"Yes, that's right," said Bowser, "Now I remember. "Ludwig?"
Mewd: ludwig: I am glad you finnally agknowalge my existance!
Mewd: Ludwig: I'm a genius. I don't have to say that I'm here.
>The group shot several glances to one another. Iggy said, "Nobody's seen him all day."

Mewd: ludwig: I'm right here idiot!
Smash: Ludwig: Wait.... I'm supposed to have been off doing something important. *Disappears*
Smash: *Everyone stares for a coupla minutes....hours....days....whatever*
>"Or Larry," added Morton, "And something seems suspicious because this is Ludwig here and he is Ludwig and..... ."
Mewd: morton: the fact that bowser knows ludwig exists is quite disturbing!
Smash: Iggy: I'm a cross dresser!
Everyone: Shut up Iggy.
>Bowser was worried. "We had better start looking right away."
Mewd: Bowser: not that I care about the life of two of my offspring its just that I wouldn't mind keeping the tax deductians...
smash: Bowser: And I want to eat them both. We're out of food.
Everyone: GASP!
smash: CANNIBAL!
>In an empty field surrounded by a tall fence, Ludwig was standing in front of a tall pole.
Mewd:Ludwig: I souldt a lica it
Mewd: Ludwig: my oungs uck
Smash: *Larry kicks Ludwig where it hurts*
> Tied to the pole with a sturdy rope and a scarf over her mouth was Larry.
Mewd: I thought iggy was the cross dresser, not Larry...
Smash: Her? Larry is a her? That certanly clears up a lot.
>. He had frantically tried to run away, but had finally given up and had been caught. Ludwig said,
Mewd: Ludwig: stupid, you can't run with a pole tied to you.
Smash: Larry: Oh yeah? Watch me! *Larry runs around without moving anywhere*
Smash: He's been drinking too much
>"Okay, Larry, no one is anywhere near us so I am going to take off the scarf. Remember that nobody will hear you if you scream."
Mewd: Larry: thats okay, I scream alot on a regular bassis, its a habbit
Smash: Larry: And a hobbit too.
Bilbo: Hi mom
>Ludwig removed the scarf, and Larry remained quiet. Then, Ludwig suddenly demanded, "All right Larry, enough with the baby talk!
Mewd: wow, Larry must of talked like a baby without us knowing
Smash: Nah, all the Koopalings talk like that.
Mewd: but larry didn't say anything yet
Smash: He must have talked Telepathicly
>I want you to dig me a tunnel underground to Mario's house so that I can jump up, surprise Mario, and easily beat him.
Mewd: wow, what a ingenius plan, bssshhh, Wouldn't they have a deadly weapon like condenced soup at hand at their own home?
Smash: But isn't a tunnel more complex than that? I mean, it has to have supports and so on. And it would take days if not weeks!
Mewd: And Only larry? hes the smallist and weakist amoung the lot of them. he could do it faster himself
Smash: He's a lazy bum
>And I want a tunnel now! Here are some shovels for you to use."
Mewd: Larry: uhhh.. I only need one
smashsumashi: Ludwig: You're going to use them all!
Smash: Larry: Why?
Smash: Ludwig: Because I said so!
>As he said, by his feet, was a pile of shovels.
Mewd: larry had trouble picking up all of them,
Smash: And he dropped one on Ludwig's foot, the sharp end down.
smashsumashi: Ludwig: OWCH! Ya bwoke me widdle spine!
>"But I can't dig a tunnel; I'm too young," objected Larry.
Mewd: ludwig: Right threw those pockets of underground methane gas!
Smash: Larry: If you're so sure it can be done, you do it.
Smash: Ludwig: All right, I will
Mewd: Normally, digging small holes in soil is alot easier then building a 500 mile underground tunnel...
Smash: My point exactly
>Larry sighed and gave in, "All right, I'll build your tunnel."
Mewd: larry: but only if you stop useing multiple Exclamation marks
Mewd: Ludwig: I'll use as many as I want!!!!!!!!
Smash: Larry: And stop talking in all capital letters
Smash: Ludwig: I'LL DO THAT AS MUCH AS I WANT!!!!!!!!
>Before untying him, Ludwig said, "Now remember, the way out of here is hard to find, so don't try running away." Larry sighed as Ludwig untied her.
Mewd: then "she" climbed over the fenceing and ran away.
Mewd: Ludwig: maybe I should of made it less obvios
Smash: Then 'she' told Bowser.
Smash: Bowser: I don't care
Smash: Then 'she' came back.
Smash: Larry: I'm an idiot!
>Larry started to dig. Fortunately for him, the ground here was soft, so he managed to dig through the first layer of earth.
Mewd: however "She" did not survive long enough to see the next layer.
Smash: Since 'she' dug all the way down to lava and created a new volcano
Mewd: 95 cents, pay now
Smash: Bowser: I'm gonna sue!
>Ludwig smiled. "There you are wrong,"
Mewd: ludwig: becuase I have a credit card!
Smash: Ludwig: Bacause I have a really good lawyer!
>he sneered. Ludwig produced a square box.
Mewd: he then chucked the box of white castle hamburgers at them and chaos ensued.
Smash: Ludwig: Behold! The magic of styrafoam!
Mewd: you mean the food?
>It was the only invention of Ludwig's that ever worked.
Mewd: Ludwig: this is the explodeing machine!
Mewd: see, a little scentence rewording and it works
Smash: Ludwig: Behold! My lawyer machine!
Smash: *Machine explodes realeasing thousands of little lawyers*
>. He turned it toward Bowser and his kids and pressed a button. Instantly, the group was encased in a blue box.
Mewd: oh no! their stuck in a Imac!
Smash: DEATH! THey're about to be changed into Bill Gates clones!
Mewd: microsoft dosen't make Imacs, you know
Smash: I know
Kai Dawnbringer: Oh no! They're stuck in a fast food box!
Mewd: Bowser: oh no! blue plastic! we'll never get out!
Mewd: its hopeless
Smash: *Wendy bites it and makes a huge hole big enough for Bowser*
Smash: Bowser: What are we going to do?
>. Ludwig laughed and put the box away. "Keep digging," he said to Larry, who had stopped to look at the force field.

Smash: Larry: But all my shovels are broken!
Smash: Ludwig: Use your fingers!
Smash: Later...
>"Couldn't I take a break? I'm tired," complained Larry.
Mewd: Is he questioning if he could take a break in the past?
Mewd: wait, "she"
Smash: Ludwig: Keep digging or I'll force feed you dog food!
Smash: Larry: Yummy
>"KEEP DIGGING," yelled Ludwig. Larry sighed and went back to work.
Mewd: Larry: hey ludwig, we hit a time capsule, what should we do?
Smash: Ludwig: Burn it up!
>It took a long time for Larry was very small and shouldn't be digging a tunnel, as he had said, but the two eventually reached the area right under Mario and Luigi's house. "Stop!," said Ludwig,
Mewd: Ludwig: I changed my mind, this plans stupid.
Smash: Ludwig: I'm an idiot.
Smash: Larry: This tunnel goes up under our castle
Smash: *Koopa Castle suddenly collapses*
>"I want to be the one to make the finishing touches. Go back to where this tunnel started and wait for me. If you don't, I will punish you."
Mewd: Ludwig: if you don't, I tell dad! oh wait, never mind.
Smash: That's not very smart
Smash: Larry could mess with the blue plastic
>Larry was glad to go back, and was gone in less than a wink.
Mewd: he used his wand to teleport away, he could only use it at this plot point
Smash: How long is less than a wink?
Mewd: well Ludwig must be able to go ten minutes without blinking
Smash: Guess so. Even though it's physicaly impossible to go 30 seconds without blinking
Mewd: he has paperclips
Smash: What? Not staples? Not cold fusion? Not Ballistic Missles? How stupid!
> This is when Ludwig smashed his shovel through the floor of the Marios' house.
Mewd: the marios must of bought the cheap flooring company
Smash: Either that or they don't have any flooring at all and live in a pig sty, I'm leaning more towards the pig sty
Mewd: or a mixture of both, which is the natural ansewer
Smash: Yeah, a floor of dirt
> Mario and Luigi had long been expecting this to happen; it was the obvious thing to do
Mewd: yes, however a aerial assult useing all 7 doom ships and bowsers tanks to attack marios house at once, haveing them completely out gunned, was the farthist thing from their minds
Smash: Everyone knows that an attack that completly annihlates your enemy never works
Both: Yeah, right.
>so they had an upsidedown trampoline where they knew the hole would be.
Mewd: so mario put it on the ceiling?
Smash: No, they tied it to the floor
Smash: Yeah, that'll really work. Sheesh
>Mario and Luigi were sleeping, as it was night, but they still won, because sure enough, Ludwig hit the trampoline and went flying back into the tunnel.
Mewd: couldn't he of noted their was a trampolene over the hole when he smashed the floor?
Smash: Couldn't he have cut the trampoline fabric?
Mewd: nah, it took all his strength to break the floor with a shovel.
Both: Nah, he's too stupid, even though he has an IQ of 178.65
>When he fell, he crushed his invention, and Bowser and his kids were free. They hugged Larry and all were happy [except Roy, who was upset at Ludwig's loyalty to him as a friend [they were friends]]. Suddenly Ludwig bounced right out of the tunnel.
Mewd: so the entire tunnel was obviosly made of rubber
>Bowser howled in rage. The sky changed colors,
Mewd: hes useing the evil disco spell!
Smash: All except Ludwig: DO THE NIXON! DISCO INFERNO!
>and the Koopas were sent to the palace, but Ludwig to a vat of boiling lava. He was hanging on a rope above the vat when he heard Bowser's voice. "How dare you kidnap your brother Larry.
Mewd: bowser: and allow him to return safely! what are you? a idiot?! some genius...
Smash: Ludwig: I want an appeal! Where's my lawyer?!?
>As punishment,
Mewd: bowser: you will be hung over this pool of for ten seconds, and not be allowed eat cearal for a whole day!
Smash: Bowser: I will hand you over to Smash and you must listen to him sing!
> , you will be put in this vat of lava for a week, and it will be very painful, but you asked for it." Ludwig howled as the rope dropped him, and howled even louder as he hit the lava, where he sat for a week.
Mewd: he wasn't allowed to stand,
> Two days later, Lemmy got back. "I got it, I got it," he cried, "I have the invention that will allow me to rule the universe!" He turned it on. The machine said, "The universe is 2,475,486,683,273,593,243 miles long."

>Wendy laughed, "It's a ruler machine! It just measured the universe! HA HA HA."

>Lemmy blushed. "Oops, I guess I was off a letter. I'm gonna have to try again."
Mewd: see? logically a typo has the power to alter pysical matter in all ways!
Smash: What color to Koopas turn when they blush?
Smash: Oh, so I can change Mewd to Mew?
Smash: Coooooooool
Mewd: don't even think of such evi.
>Bowser put his arm around Lemmy, "Don't worry, I'm not mad. Everybody makes mistakes, so you can try again. I'm sure you can do it, you're so smart. And when you do, I'll be very proud and happy and..."
Mewd: bowser: I'll continusly demand you do better and better things intill you lay a broken shell of your formal self
Smash: But Ludwig made a mistake in killing the Marios, so why was he punished if Lemmy wasn't?
> the end.
Smash: Can I go home now?
Mewd: yes.
Smash: yay.