The scene opens as ususal with Lemmy in a chair, smokeing a pipe, wearing a fez by a fire place in a libray.
He squints in a attempt to look mature, failing. His rainbow hair manages to keep the fex several intches from his head as he merrily twiddles his thumbs.
"Greetings all soon to be loyal to be slaves, you know me, Lemmy." He says as he continues to squint.
"Hi lemmy" A group of weak, unexited off screen voices mutter.
"As you know I've been trying to figure out the whole, 'back story' thing, I suppose that since this plan were to dull the minds of a already weak minded socecity into slavery is a good plan, but seeing as my father owns the largeist army on this planet, I suppose its only logical to take such paths to king-hood"
He gets out of his chair, and pushes it a few degrees, gets back in it, as the camera lakitu moves for the differnt angle.
"So far I'm not sure how I came up with this plan, more like it was forced on me for a spoof, But in anycase I'm sure if I just test all the stories on a dim wit useless person, IE Mewd, I would find one so horrible that I could use it to Lul any foe into a stuper by merely haveing them glance at the title!"
His voices raises as he bolts out of his chair upright and holds a palm high as he squints with on eye and the other juts open violently.
"Erm," He sets the chair back up from its knocked over postion and sits back down. "In any case, I've had lots of luck so far! found several that could do that, but I'm continueing to test them for some unexplained reason that we will continue to fail to explain later on" he says as he counts off his fingers.
"Lets go see how the twerp and his freinds are doing? Shall we?"
The book case behind him is pulled away as it is replaced with a computer, he pushes his chair as he gets out again, then tries to find a good angle for it for ten awkward minutes.
"er, Yes. There." He says haveing fixed the camera lakitu over his moniter, "Now lets see them"
He pushes the mouse forward and in fear juts away from it as he raises his hand over his face
"Ah!" he screams as the cursor moves as he taps the mouse "er, I mean, Aw, there it is" He fidgets and clicks on the satelite of pain icon on his desk top.
Theres another ten awkward minutes as he tries to log onto the internet, but gets disconneted repeatidly.
"Argh, curse the name of AOD internet access"
He finnally gets on, and a window opens with a picture of the bridge of the ship.
Its empty, aside from a few horribly fashioned cardboard cutouts of the ships crew, includeing Mewd, Golden road, Jon, TMS, Smash, and Damacon, all of which are set up awkwardly tilted at angles and with the wrongs colors.
"Hey, TMS, When did you dye your hair brown?" Lemmy says quizically with a eyebrow raised.
He gets no reply, flustraited he retorts "When I ask a question you ansewer it Starian!"
Awkward pause.
"Fine! Screw you! Mewd, I've got another story to dull your already weak and brittle mind with, BlackBelts story"
"I'm warning you! Respond with something witty or else I shall set the ship to self distruct."
"Fine, I shall accept your silence as a witty retort" He says as he rubs his forhead.
"Somethings odd about them today, they seem...More two demensional then ususal."
"Okay, thats it, fine! I'll give you a more robust diet instead of slim fast shakes! And don't you dare give me those ammuseing baby kitten eyes"
The cardboard cutout of Mewd dosen't move and retains the stupid smile on its face.
"Argh! Ihateyou,Ihateyou,Ihateyou!"
Meanwhist, at the other end of the ship.
Mewd leaned against the port hole of the ship as outside in the void of space TMS hovered and shot beams of fire onto a large chunk of the ship that sticks out above the rest.
Jon walked up beside him, scratching his head he squints, "Are you sure this is gonna work, I mean, we may just blow up" He said
"Trust me, Tell me once when I stirred you wrong, And I'd prefer you didn't ansewer" He said as he pressed his nose against the glass.
"Ok" Jon nodded as he sat down at a bench that had been placed in the room for no explained reason.
A clank came from below the floor as a thud smashed and Smash's head popped out of the floor board.
"Argh," He grunted as he shot back down.
"Hm, Damacon and smash seem to be haveing trouble naigateing the hold of the ship with such bulky huge dragon bodies, I remember why I chose them"
"Because their claws and breath would mean they wouldn't have to bring along numerus tools?"
"Actually, becuase their big and bulky"
"Of course" Jon sighed.
"Soon the ship will be in our controll and we can escape, we just have to rewire everything includeing life support and not screw up in the proccess"
"We're doomed"
"Yes, but atleast if we do die it'll be in a comical way."
"Smash and D, they'll just rewire things as TMS destroys the transmitter with his god like powers, should take a few hours" Jon recapped makeing sure the plan made sense.
"And the rest of us watch them like children at the zoo"
"Ha, ha" He responded as he pointed at TMS with the utmost glee.
The alarm begin going off at that moment, as flashing lights spun around like a disco dance floor as all the veiwers are sent into a seizure.
"Argh, Fan fic sign, one of you will have to go with me"
"Uh, yeah..." Jon mumbled as he backed away.
"You can take Golden road! He hasn't done any in since the 9th!" Jon pointed out.
"Yes, but he's napping, and I just can't bring myself to wake him"
They walk over to a bed side to see golden road asleep, the bed is awkwardly in the middle of the room and has somehow gotten there dispite not being there before.
"Aw, their so cute at that age"
"He's older then all of us" Jon pointed out.
"Yes, but at this age they are very cute!" Mewd snapped.
Jon sighed as he kicked his feet.
"Fine! I'll go!" He said throwing his arms into the air. "Since no one else will do it"
Mewd merely smirked as he smashed the console with a paw and they entered a series of restrunt style drive threws into the theater.
As they both sit down Jon simply glare forward like that of a upset 4 year old.
Mewd: Aw, come on! What dosen't kill you makes more tolerent to rap.
Jon: Fine.
   Blackbelt's Story
Mewd: Gee isn't this subtle, I don't think I can tell what the stories about.
Jon: Damn, I feel a Karma ripoff coming our way.
   My Coming
By Blackbelt
Mewd: Please don't let this be a lemon, please oh please, dear any religios symbol currently listening.
Jon: The end
   Ah, the story of how I got here was quite a good one.
Mewd: You're not a very good liar.
Jon: BB: It makes no sense, interferes with the real story and involves pink bunnies
   We see a five-year old white male named Sam playing SMB3. Outside, a storm rages on.
Jon: Even though he's in the middle of the Sahara Desert
Mewd: I suppose we've taken the role of stalkers, how predictable. *gets out a crowbar and begins approching the child*
   It all started out on Earth, back when I was human, playing SMB3 a little after it came out...
Jon: BB: it took me 2 hours to figure out that I wasn't in the game,
Jon: BB: And that I had to have a Nintendo Entertainment System to play.
Mewd: BB: I didn't actually have a NES, so I just played with the cartridge.
   Sam: Come on, Mario, jump, JUMP!!!
Mewd: Its going to take him a few minutes to realize Mario isn't very responsitive to yelling.
Jon: Soon he'll figure out his desk is not infact Mario.
   Suddenly, lightning comes through the roof and hits the Nintendo.
Mewd: Yes, the storm was rageing so much that it deicded it was to hip to stay outside, and came inside via this deus ex machina.
Jon: Despite the fact that his Nintendo doesn't exist.
Mewd: Obviosly he shouldn't have been playing in the middle of a storm, lightning went out of its way to hit a small plastic box from its shere hatred of gameing.
   Sam: (very frightened) Oh... my... that was close...
Mewd: Sam: I almost ran out of time on the game, its takeing a awfully long time to load the map.
Jon: BB: That lightning almost hit the house! *Is completely ignoring 'Nintendo' that's on fire*
   He than realizes that his foot is being sucked into the Nintendo.
Mewd: It took several minutes actually. Its hard to notice such things...
Jon: The house is being flooded with water from the storm and it's on fire and this is what he's worrying about?
   Sam: AHHH!!! GET IT OUT!!!
Mewd: Sam: Moooom! A deus ex machina is eating me alive!
Mewd: Sam's mother: Thats nice dear, but its almost bed time.
Jon: Sam: Do I get to sleep on rocks again?
   Then the rest of his body gets sucked in.
Mewd: Yes, when eltricity hits a nintendo it becomes a black hole, which takes unususally long periods of time to devour socks!
Jon: BB's mom: Not again...
   Several hours pass.
Mewd: No one realizes he's gone, Not threwout the whole remainder of his existence.
Jon: Nor cares.
   Sam: Uh... Where am I? How did I get outside?
Mewd: He gets sucked into a leiteral black hole and he's wondering why he's not in his room? Obviosly this child hasn't been exposed to enough television,
Jon: I don't think BB's ever been outside his Nintendo room or bedroom
   True, he is outside, but at a place he has never been.
Mewd: Okay, so the narraters correcting himself in present tense? Oops, did I just give away half the "dramatic plot" by stateing the obvios?
Jon: Again, proof he's never been outside
   Sam: Man, this place looks familiar. I think I've seen it bef-
Mewd: Yes, we'd probbally think it were fammiler too, if it had some describtion.
Jon: Blackbelt is probably in hell again (IE his house).
Mewd: BB: Wha? Oh, its my room after all, I merely opened the blinds.
   He then sees a Goomba.
Mewd: don't ask how, or where. He just dose.
Jon: Then he realises it's his mother
MMewd: Goomba mother: BB, What'd I say about getting sucked into deus ex machina before bed?!
   Sam: Ooooorrrr.... I'm in the Mushroom Kingdom. I gotta get home! But who can help me? I know! Mario!
Mewd: yes! Lets rely on a a nonexistant super hero that you have no idea could be located at!
Jon: Mario being the pizza man he idols...
   The boy wanders around for hours and gets puzzled whenever he asks a Mushroomer where Mario is.
Mewd: Yes, he can't understand english yet can he? Must be a slow learning five year old.
Jon: Sam: Me think Mario you? Neee! Me Mario no! Where?
   Then he spots Mario and Luigi in the distance.
Mewd: Just standing out in the middle of nowhere, right where these wondorous heroes are needed most!
Jon: They seem to be fighting over who's more non-existant.
   We see Mario Luigi trade a few words, then they rush to Sam with fighting faces and punch him.
Mewd: For once a story that dosen't blindly insult Mario and Luigi's intelligence.
Jon: They beat him up with the words they traded
Mewd: Yes, Mario and luigi would just run up and beat up some random passerby, they somehow know all who are their enemies dispite any there being no differnce between their allies and foes.
   Sam: Ow! What did you do that for?
Mewd: I'd ansewer but I don't wanna hurt his feelings.
Jon: Because they realised it was BB, and anyone likes beating BB up.
Mewd: Luigi: NO-A NO-A! Why'd you add-a us to this story-e?!
   Luigi: Don't make me laugh, enemy! Time to finish you!
Jon: Then they sprinkle him with frosting
   Mario: RIGHT! Let's go, Luigi! Luigi: Right!
Mewd: Awfully talkative action seaqunce.
Jon: Right,
Mewd: The excitement just drips from every seam dosen't it. *yawn*
Jon: To quote you.... "I feel like I'm there with him, yawning in boredom"
   Mario and Luigi jump on Sam, and he blacks out.
Mewd: The shere thought of his heroes beating him up for a reason yet to be told was enough to make him black out from  such a tramatic experiance. Or maybe it was the fact that getting hurt was involved...
Jon: Afterward Mario and Luigi continue to stand in nowhereness for a few hours
   When he wakes up, he hears voices.
Mewd: He's just going to keep his eyes closed for the effect
Mewd: And to avoid actually describeing anything
Jon: The voices tell him to end the story so the reader can find a better one!
Mewd: BB: Not the voices again! I'm not running with sciccors again!
   ?: Think he's alright?
Mewd: Well Mr. question mark, he has near fatal head wounds so I'm completely sure he'll be perfectlly fine
Jon: I hope he isn't
   ??: Who knows, cares, what does it matter?
Mewd: Mr. Double question mark has a commendable statment, but dispite logic it probbally will be other wise.
Jon: I didn't know question marks talked, then again, BB's head is full of weird stuff
   ???: Shut up, Morton.
Mewd: Yes, dispite we've yet to see anyone with that name Mr. Triple Question mark.
Jon: Apperantly the third one talks to himself
   Sam tries to open his eyes, but can't.
Mewd: Sam: Can't...Muster...The...Energy...
Jon: The question marks apperantly glued it down. Hooray!
   Sam: Why can't I open my eyes?
Jon: Because he lacks the hand-eye coordination to do so,
   ????: Everyone, he's up!
Mewd: ????: He's still fatally wounded, so lets get him out of the bed immedietly for the next paient!
Jon: Beat him with sticks, maybe he'll go down again!
   ???????: You were lucky we found you in time. You were almost dead.
Mewd: Hey, what happened to question mark number six?
Jon: Lunch break, d'uh
Mewd: ???????: You were lucky we were wandering around a random feild with no describtion
   Sam: I thank, you kind strangers, but I gotta see Mario again.
Jon: BB: I must be thwomped on the head again by an imaginary plumber...
   ?????: Dat explains da injuries.
Mewd: Mario and Luigi have gone mad, and have started beating up random authuers
Jon: And they like posing in nowhereness for hours at a time.
   ????: Why do you wanna see Mario? Sam: For help on how to get outta here.
Mewd: Sam: I anticipated being captured by question marks
Jon: BB: I wanna go sleep on my rocks already!
   ??????: Why would you? Sam: To get back home.
Mewd: Sam: I have half a poptart back at my house not eaten
Jon: BB: Being sucked into machines and knocked out by plumbers was fun, I wanna do it over!
   ??: Well, you can't now, because you're hurt, injured, damaged, and we won't let you if you're gonna go and see Mario.
Mewd: Yes, these question marks care for him to much to allow him to be beat up again
Jon: ??: We have to wait until you're also paralyzed, then you can go see him
   Sam: Why not? ?: Let's get Dad to explain.
Mewd: Yes, perhaps a larger question mark can explain it as these ones lack the vocabulary.
Jon: Note how BB is making sense of this even with his eyes closed and being in another dimension
   ???: Yeah. OH DAD!!! Dad: THAT'S KING DAD TO YOU!!!
Mewd: Yes, Children aren't allowed to refer to their parents casually, lest they face his wrath
Jon: BB lives and breathes the Mario universe apperantly but still is lost.
   Sam: King? ????: Yes, King. You act suprised. Sam: I've never been by royalty before.
Mewd: Sam: Here, just let me fumble my hand around and feel you up with my eyes closed.
   ????: You're weird. Dad: Now, what do you kids want? ???????: Da patient's regained consiousness, King Dad.
Mewd: ???????: We need you to fix that.
Jon: ???????: Here, this stick oughtta do the trick.
   Dad: Good. (Note: This is where Sam's knowledge of The Super Mario Brothers Super Show kicks in.)
Mewd: Yes, Any required knowelage would take up to this long to take effect
Jon: (All he knows is the title and that it has to do with plumbers)
   Sam: Your voice sounds familiar.
Mewd: He's awfully talkative for a near death paient who can't muster enough energy to open his eyes.
Jon: They probably fed him with voice-box steroids. Or he took them himself.
   Dad: NO duh! Everyone in my empire knows their King.
Mewd: Dad: We're completely against any forigeners entering my kingdom, tourism is against the law
Mewd: Dad: Its not possible for anybody not in my kingdom to have been unconish in a open feild
   Sam: And your name is?
Mewd: Mewd: Weren't you listening? Its dad, you need to get your ears checked.
Jon: Dad: My name is Yambloski, I come from Fiji, you have 3 wishes.
   Dad: You really are wierd! My name is King Bowser Koopa!
Jon: BB: The one that sells peanuts downtown?
   Sam (frightened): K-K-K-KOOPA?! DON'T HURT ME, I BEG OF YOU!!!
Mewd: BB: I want ask for gravy on my hospital mash potatos if you do!
Jon: Dad: Um, roar?
Jon: BB: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   Koopa: Why would I hurt you? My kids have been here, caring for you the last three days now!
Jon: Kids: Caring, beating you with sticks, same difference.
Mewd: Koopa: They've had nothing better to do, like let the trained proffesinals heal you. You may note you have several new limbs
   Sam: But you're the evil tyrant of the Mushroom Kingdom, and your kids stole the kings' Magic Wands!
Jon: BB: You're my hewwo.
Mewd: Sam: I pay such close attention to games for a five year old, dispite never actually figureing out how to get mario to jump.
   Koopa: How did you know about that?!
Jon: BB: I've been stalking you in my sleep.
Mewd: Koopa: Yeah?! I expect you to know everything about my empire but you know the plan I've been setting up for months! Thats so weird
   Sam: Nevermind, but why have you been taking care of me, a young human boy?
Mewd: Koopa: We were bored and you were in a open feild, so we took you in and mended your wounds and then tried to make you feel awkward about your lack of knowalge
   ?: Human?! HA! You're not human!
Mewd: ?: Your a five year old boy! You're the farthest thing from human!
Jon: BB: Mold, human, same difference
   Sam's eyes suddenly burst open.
They accumulated enough energy! Hurray! Now we can see his excuse to avoid describeing anything...
Jon: Apperantly his eyes only open when he learns something. (IE once in a purple moon)
   Sam: What do you mean not human?
Mewd: Nothing human could sustain those head blows!
Jon: ?: We mean inhumane, as in not important
   ?: Bring him a mirror, Lemmy
Mewd: Lemmy: Yes, now to give him a goofy haircut
Jon: ?: He needs to see his hideous self, that way he *might* die
   Lemmy: K, Larry.
Jon: Oh, so now the fancy author gives these question marks names!
Mewd: As if it were dramatic to not just put name tags on them.
   Sam holds the mirror to his face and sees the face of a black-faced Koopa with big red eyes and metal teeth.
Jon: BB: This mirror looks like me in third grade!
Mewd: Uh, BB's a five year old right now jon.
Jon: BB: This mirror looks like me when I was 2 and a half!
Mewd: Sam: Who put me in this goofy red sweater?!
Jon: Dad: It was Wendy's idea, and you kep mumbling in your sleep "Me... geek.... me.... geek..."
   ????: How did what happen?
Jon: Didn't ???? just have a name a minute ago? This is getting confusing...
   Sam: How did I become a Koopa?!
Jon: Dad: Well, basically we just gave you a funny wig and we were done
Mewd: Sam: I mean, I can understand the Metalic teeth, the skin, the claws, and the eyes, being five years old, but whats with the sweater?!
   ???????: I could study how that happened with a sample of your blood...
Jon: Every Koopa loves the blood of a wig.
Mewd: ???????: A gallon or so will do, I need to get my holoween costume ready
   Sam rises from bed.
Jon: IE rock pile
Mewd: ...Three feet upward at a 90 degree angle still laying down, then turns 15 degrees and spins and dose a 3'60!
   Sam: NO!!! You Koopas are a bloodthirsty race, only wanting to take over. Mario will eventually destroy you!
Jon: Yes, that'll get the Koopas to like him
Mewd: Sam: I won't let you help me understand the backstory becuase of this
   Koopa: But Mario attacked you, didn't he?
Jon: I think BB's brain just had a breakthrough!!!
Mewd: Sam: Yes, Luigi did too but he did it with a shoe so its easily excusable.

   Sam: Yes, bu-
Jon: BB lacks the power to open eyes, I doubt he can finish sentances.

Mewd: Yes, great, now the main characters developing a stutter. Joy.
   Sam thinks about this, trying to figure out why Mario attacked him.
Jon: BB doesn't realise Mario's just a numbskull yet.
Mewd: Sam: Well, I DID run up to him screaming, I obviosly startled him and he was prone to attack
Jon: Notice how no one noticed Luigi did half the work yet.
   Sam: Why did he attack me?
Jon: Let's review. A total stranger runs up screaming to a idiot stereotype plumber who is standing there posing and thinks everything is an evil minion.
Mewd: Maybe he was wearing a red shirt, and angered him by moveing with it,
   Koopa: Because you're a Koopa! He hates all Koopas.
Mewd: Dispite haveing them as allies in several games!
Jon: Yes. Hates. Especially since he teamed up with 3 in Paper Mario.
   Sam: You mean because I am a Koopa he attacked me? Let me help you defeat Mario!
Mewd: Well his idolism of a fat plumber was short lived.
Jon: BB: D'uh, me always logic make.
Jon: BB: smart me is.
   Koopa: You? No, absolutely not!
Mewd: Koopa: Not in THOSE clothes your not!
Jon: Wasn't he just "Dad" a bit ago?
   Sam: Give me a test. Should I beat the test, will you let me help you?
Mewd: Never mind that hes fatally injured, He'll just rise above it and defeat all his tests single handidly..
Mewd: Welcome to the land of self insertion!
Mewd: There is no escape!
Mewd: Bwahahahahahahahaha
Jon: Dad: Yes. Here's your test: If you can survive a 50 story fall into a firely volcano with sharks biting at your arms, you can be our janitor.
Mewd: Even then he'll obviosly succeed in record time, and impress Dad SO much that he may make top janitar
Mewd: ...MAYBE
Jon: emphisis on maybe
   Koopa: Very well. Roy, you and him in the ring, five minutes.
Mewd: Yes, his strongerist son Vs. A bed ridden five year old!
Mewd: My, isn't this fair.
Jon: Dad: Roy will sit on you for 5 minutes in a ring. If you can survive you can become the toilet cleaner
   Roy: Alright.
Jon: *Roy gets his sitting chair ready*
   Five minutes later, in the ring...
Mewd: And so another scene goes by with no describtion used! Huzzah!
   Koopa: You will defeat my son Roy in a wrestling match. Lose, and you will be banished.
Jon: It took him 5 minutes to say that...
Mewd: Sam gets into the ring on crutches, in several casts and in a hospital bed.
Mewd: Sam: Alright, don't you dare not give me your best! I shall defeat you!
Mewd: *Sam begins nudgeing Roy with his crutches*
Mewd: Sam: Aha! I am invincable!
Jon: Roy: Is there a breeze or something?
   Sam: Ok.
Mewd: Great, at the ring of the bell we'll get the most exciteing Crutch fight I've seen in minutes
Jon: From coma to Koopa-fighting
   The bell goes off.
Mewd: Oops, guess we shouldn't of spent so long explaining the rules
Jon: Despite BB still being in the hospital room
   Roy: Ok, young Koopa, you goin' down.
Mewd: Roy: That is, if you weren't already in a bed laying down.
   Sam: Please don't be too hard.
Mewd: Sam: Just give me a few paragraphs while I try to muster the energy to punch you, while I continue to be so ever frickin' talkative for a bed ridden five year old.
   Roy: You're kidding, right? I am the strongest Koopaling. You cannot defeat me. I'll even let you get a free shot at me. Come on, hit me.
Jon: I think I know where this is going... *Pictures BB touching Roy and going flying back*
Mewd: Roy: Here, you can have this metal bat, and this protective head gear, and a sword, and heres some throwing knifes, I pity you so much, I won't even move, I will have a DBZ escue outlook on fighting while I spout insults and boost my ego
   Sam: Alright, here goes nothing.
Mewd: And he extends his pinky finger towards Roy....
Jon: What? Now he's doing nothing?
   Sam punches Roy, and Roy goes flying.
Mewd: *ego meter explodes*
Jon: Did someone say EGO PROBLEM?
   And the five year old beats the strongist warrior in the kingdom with amazing ease!
Jon: Yes, and right after a coma too!
   Larry: The winner is... the young Koopa?
Mewd: Yes, we're questioning this match as much as you larry.
Jon: Funny how Larry just suddenly popped in.
Mewd: He's apparently the new narrater.
   Sam: How did I do that?
Jon: Well, basically you took your ego meter and you made it go up
Mewd: Sam gained a level up! Devised new blitz, Learned Deus ex machina blitz
   Koopa: You are strong. You may help us fight Mario, uh, what is your name?
Jon: BB: My name is Ujikoree, I come from Wisconsin
Mewd: Yes, lets ignore your son as he just went flying in a random dirrection, never to be seen again as the rest of the story revolves around BB
   Sam: Call me... Blackbelt Koopa.
Jon: BB: Named after my rock
Mewd: *big dramatic pause and gasp* *sarcasticly* Gee, I guess NO ONE saw that comeing.
   And that is how I ended up at the Mushroom Kingdom.
Mewd: Thats nice Larry.
Mewd: Dispite the fact that half the chapter took place in a hospital bed, and he never went anywhere near the mushroom kingdom
Jon: Uh huh, and that's also how you ended up BECOMING AN EGOTISIC @$$!
Mewd: And thats the end, of this chapter.
Jon: What, you mean theres more!? ARGH!
Mewd: And aren't we all happy over that
Jon: Yes, the next chapter IS FULL OF YELLING SIR!!!!!!!!!
Mewd: And so, a random five year old rose to power in half a hour to the evil empire and beat up the strongist warrior in the kingdom with one hit, and gained some ego points.
Jon: End it...Please.
They exit the theater, reverseing the drive threw and back into the room with the porthole.
Goldenroad is still alsleep, the camera pans sideways out the porthole as TMS finnally blasts the hulking part of the ship off, it floats away as he wipes the evaporated sweat from his forhead.
Inside is a radio modem, above it in large font there is a sign reading "Donot remove, lest story continium be harder to maintain.
TMS pulls it out and chucks it behind his back into the void of space, he then goes to the porthole and gives a ok sign.
"Great, now we can escape, with little to no explained reason." Jon said gleefully.
"We can't yet though" Mewd said
"Why not?!"
"We don't have time, and these guest segments are tireing to write, we'll wait till the next episode to actually do anything.
"Argh" Jon groans as he holds his hand over his eyes.
"Before we go lets check our mail bag!" Mewd says as he pulls a mail bag from somewhere, then empties its contents onto a table.
Nothing at all comes out.
"Well, thats that. No mail"
El fin.

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