Deep, deep, in the outer reaches of outer space, a single light gleams in the void. As one comes closer, one would see that it is the Koopa Satellite of Pain, as the massive Koopa shell with the figure of Lemmy's head on the front slowly rotated in the void, a thing of great beauty and love marred only by the large trash can sticking out of Lemmy's eye.

Meanwhile, in the trash can… Wendy is sitting in a large pile of duct tape and spare parts that she has scrounged from the Lemmy Shrine in the Satellite of Pain.

Wendy: Good, my evil invention is at last complete!

She opens a can and maniacal canned laughter comes out.

Wendy: Now all I have to do is find a bad story to send those idiots and then I can go to bed and get my beauty sleep.

She begins to root about in the trash until she comes across a container labeled Bat-in-a-Can.

Wendy: Well, this sounds positively awful. Let's see…

She pulls off the lid and suddenly a bat is catapulted out right into her face. She screams as the bat flies out of the box like a bat out of heck and then lands in front of her while changing into a human sized bat.

Bat: Woah… that was weird.

The bat then caught sight of Wendy.

Bat: Ahhhhhh!

Wendy: Ahhhhhh!

Bat: Ahhhhhh!

The bat screams at Wendy. Then Wendy screams at the bat. Then the bat screams at Wendy. Then the bat runs away through the trash can lid into the Satellite of Pain while Wendy slams herself into the opposite side.


Smash: Here it is. The bed of flaming coals. This is your final test to become a certified dragon paladin, Mewd.

There is a loud cheer from the rest of the inhabitants of the Satellite of Pain as a bed of flaming hot coals is revealed.

Smash Damacon: All you have to do is make it across these coals.

Mewd: I don't know… are you sure it's safe?

Smash and Smash D.: *In unison* No.

Jon: Come on Mewd! Don't be a wuss!

Golden Road: Yeah, come on Mewd!

Mewd: I don't know…

TMS: Oh, come on. I even went to all the trouble of summoning a hologram to preside over this prestigious event!

Reno: Yeah…

Mewd: Oh, very well.

Mewd takes first one tentative step into the coals. Then another. Then, suddenly, a bat zooms out of the hallway and collides with Mewd, sending him face first into the hot coals.

Mewd: Aieeee! It burns! It burns!

Everyone ignores Mewd's screams of pain as they all turn to confront the newcomer.

Smash D: Who are you?

Bat: Hi there, my name is Stoker. Lemmy trapped me in a can and then put me in another can and then forgot about me.

Everyone oooohs and ahhhhs at Stoker, paying absolutely no attention to Mewd, who is writhing in mortal pain. Suddenly Wendy appears on the huge screen in front of the room.

Wendy: Morons!

Jon: Sorry, he's busy now. Whaddya want?

Wendy: Guess what, miserable prisoners? I've just completed another brilliant invention that will make your lives any more miserable. Now the movie theatre is able to hold up to four of your idiots so now I can deal out your torture in larger doses.

Smash D: You fiend! I'll get you for that!

Smash D makes a few magical gestures and suddenly a giant pimple appears on Wendy's forehead and then he holds up a mirror.

Wendy: Oh no! Not my face! Not my beautiful face!

Wendy faints, coincidentally falling on a lever that was put in the trash can by coincidence and which was also coincidentally the lever that controls the movie theatre. The doors open and suddenly a giant vacuum begins to suck at the poor miserable prisoners.

Stoker: Aieeeeee! *Gets sucked into the theatre through a comical series of doors.*

The hologram Reno: Whaaaat?! *He gets sucked in too.*

Smash: No! Not me! *Through the door he goes*

Mewd is still writhing on the floor in pain and also gets sucked in.

Mewd: Oh! The pain! The agony!

Smash: Oh, shut up.

(Begin MST)

   Larry and his Plants, Parts 1 and 2 By Koopa T. Quick
Smash: It doesn't seem that guy would be able to write, as if you look at him reeeeeally closely, you'll see that he has no fingers.

Mewd: Let's all try and guess what the T stands for. My guess is 'toaster'

Reno: Thar. Definetely Thar.

Stoker Bramwell: I think it's "The." You know, like Sonic "The" Hedgehog.

*Everyone stares at Stoker*

Stoker Bramwell: Whaaaaaaaaat?

Everyone: Naaaaaahhhhhh!


Mewd: Good lord in heaven, a lemon in Lemmy's land?

Stoker Bramwell: *stares in amazement*

Smash: It looks like the last time I threw something up.

   Larry was bored. He'd been waiting for Clawdia's answer. Suddenly, the door opened!

Mewd: ....throwing it off the hinges with the force of a small explosion

Smash: Does anyone else feel that Wendy started us in the middle of the story?

Mewd: It's written by Koopa T. Quick, Smash.

Smash: Oh, yeah, that would answer it.

   Clawdia: Kids, I've decided that we CAN go on the trip!

Stoker Bramwell: Clawdia: ...but you can't go! Nyah!

Smash: Clawdia: And then we get to fall into the Grand Canyon!

Mewd: Clawdia: But since your father strongly disapproves of it, we get stay vacationing forever. *yay*

   Everybody was happy except for two of them.

Mewd: ...yes... the two... that were there........

Stoker Bramwell: Clawdia and Bowser.

Stoker Bramwell: Bowser: We just had a vacation ten years ago!

Smash: She means four of them. The four in this dumb movie theatre.

   Wendy: We won't lose all our money?

Mewd: I dunno where that came from, but the term vacation and 'we won't lose all our money' are oxymoronic.

Stoker Bramwell: Clawdia: No, we're going to steal it from you.

Smash: They're going to Vegas or something. That's the only place I can think of that would drain the entire treasury.

   Clawdia:No, Koopa took the days off.

Mewd: Ripped them clean off the calendar, they no longer legally exist.

Stoker Bramwell: Yeah, logically taking the days off would protect the entire Koopa treasurey.

Reno: Yeah, he took the days off... and took... the... money... DARN.

Smash: Does this mean ol' Bowsie is going to be referred to with that degrading nickname 'Koopa'?

   The other one was Larry.

Mewd: The first one who wasn't mentioned no longer exists!

Stoker Bramwell: Larry: Why would I wanna go on a vacation and have fun?! Are you crazy?!

Smash: Unless it was Wendy. *Hopefully* If she no longer exists does that mean we get to go back to Plit?

   Larry: What about my plants? They can't get water by themselves.

Smash: Thank you for sharing this revolutionary scientific fact with us. Now go get Smash some more bloodwine.

Reno: Larry: So we'd better think of someone that we can trust with ALL OUR LIVES to water them.

Mewd: Clawdia: Sure they can, *cuts to several plants raiding the pantry*

   Clawdia: Someone could do it for you.

Smash: Wow, that's the most ingenious idea I've heard since I learned that I was supposed to put the electric toothbrush in my mouth before turning it on.

Stoker Bramwell: Larry: You mean there are other people in the castle intelligent enough to water a plant?
Clawdia: Oops, my mistake. You're doomed.

Reno: Or you can just forget about your plants, I think they're ugly anyway.

   Larry: Koopa the Quick- oh, Koopa the Quick!

Mewd: *a figure on the horizon appears and a self insertion writer mounts a horse and rides towards them*

Stoker Bramwell: He's repeating himself again.

Smash: Eeegh, that soulds too much like a cheesy romance novel for my taste.

Reno: Clawdia: "So THAT'S what the T stands for."

   Koopa the Quick: Yes, Larry?

Smash: KTQ: lord and master?
*KTQ begins to worship Larry's feet*

Mewd: Wow, he is quick indeed, he didn't even need any character introduction or description to get there. Either that or he's been standing there the entire time waiting to be called

Stoker Bramwell: Larry: You must water my plants while we're gone!
KTQ: *gasps* But that's so COMPLICATED!

Reno: KTQ: By the way, you better not ask me to water your plants.

   Larry: Would you be so kind as to water my plants while I'm gone?

Mewd: KTQ: no. *walks off set*

Reno: KTQ: ................
Oh, I'm sorry, did you say something?

Smash: KTQ: Maybe, maybe not. What's in it for me?

Stoker Bramwell: KTQ: NEVER!!! *takes Larry hostage and begins a revolution*

Smash: Well, that was a general agreement.

   KTQ: Yes sir!

Mewd: KTQ: But first let me finish with my suicide mission.

Stoker Bramwell: KTQ: Little do they know that this is all part MASTER PLAN! *dramatic music*

Reno: KTQ: Yeah, I'll WATER your plants, that is, if the toilet's backed up.

   Larry: Thank you!

Smash: *Bowser slaps Larry upside the head for being polite*

Reno: Clawdia: Okay, enough about your stupid plants, LET'S PARTAY *grabs a hat*

   The next day...

Smash: The world ended in a massive fiery inferno.

Stoker Bramwell: ...they were still packing.

Reno: ...nothing much happened.

Mewd: KTQ: Okay, to do list, wreck the house with a party while the boss is out of town, two, burn house down to conceal evidence, three, wait patiently for their return.

   Larry: Yawn... OH, YEAH! Today's the day of the trip!"

Smash: He didn't yawn. He actually said the word 'yawn.'

Reno: Larry: Hey, lookit me, I can close a line with quotation marks without beginning it with them."

Mewd: No, actually this entire story was being quoted and it was just pasted in with the upper half cut off.

   Larry got dressed and hurried downstairs. He watered his plants and hurried to KTQ's room. He left a note on the door. Note: Dear KTQ, Do not forget to water my plants when I'm gone! Sincerely, Larry

Smash: He was then smacked upside the head by Bowser again for being polite.

Stoker Bramwell: Larry: P.S.: Fail and I shall hunt you down.

   Larry left. He saw everybody was up already.

Mewd: He ran away as fast as he could....

Smash: They had stayed awake all night, as only cardboard-based lifeforms can do.

Stoker Bramwell: He left the rest of his family behind and took off for Grate Guy's Casino.

Reno: Everybody: Darn, our plans to leave him behind are foiled!

   In the meantime, KTQ got up. He read the note.

Stoker Bramwell: Then he burned it.

Mewd: This in itself took up a full hour.

   KTQ: Oh yeah, I will have to water Larry's plants!

Mewd: Keep in mind KTQ here only has the memory span of two paragraphs.

Stoker Bramwell: KTQ: I know this cuz this heer note dun told me so, yeup.

Smash: KTQ: For my master Larry ordered me to! *He worships a golden statuette of Larry for a few hours*

Reno: KTQ: I wish I knew how to use contractions.

   Anyway, the Koopas went off to the beach. Then they'd go to the hotel to check in. That was it for the first day.

Mewd: Bowser: Yeah, that was it, only rest and relaxation. Life sucks.

Stoker Bramwell: They didn't unpack or eat or anything. And they just stood on the beach and gazed in awe at the sand.

Smash: Despite the fact that the hotel was only fifty feet from New Castle Koopa.

Reno: And what an exciting first day it was.

   Larry: Oh, darn! I forgot my King Koopa beanie baby! King Dad, can I go back in and get my King Koopa beanie baby?

Smash: One word.....WHY?!

Mewd: Everyone KNOWS you can't go to the beach without one.

Stoker Bramwell: Bowser: Of course! It only took us eight hours to get here!


   Koopa: Of course.

Mewd: Koopa: Here's a jacket. See ya. *points him towards the highway*

Smash: *Larry runs the 50 feet back to New Castle Koopa and ends up at the gates gasping for water and food*

Reno: Boswer: By the way, get my Deluxe Princess Barbie Playhouse while you're there, okay?

   Back in the castle...

Mewd: ...'s remains

Stoker Bramwell: KTQ: FIRE!!! BURN EVERYTHING UP!!!

Reno: Larry: "Hoohaha, my King Koopa Beanie Baby... VOODOO DOLL!"

   KTQ: Hey, Hammer Brother! (at this moment, Larry appears.) (he starts whispering) I'm not gonna water Larry's plants!

Stoker Bramwell: Hammer Brother: You DEMON, you!

Reno: KTQ: Even though I'll obviously get in trouble seeing as I'm the one who was supposed to be looking after them, IT'LL BE GREAT!

Smash: Larry appeared out of thin air like a demon of course.

   Larry: WHAT?! Oh, I'm gonna tell King Dad! (he does so.)

Reno: KTQ: ...tattletale...

Mewd: *larry begins jogging back*

Stoker Bramwell: *three days later*
Larry: ...almost there...
Bowser: Hey! We're just about to leave!

   Koopa: Koopa The Quick, you must be punished! You are sentenced to the middle dungeon 'til we get home.

Mewd: Koopa: Now go back and tell him that.
Larry: *groan*

Reno: Bowser: Now, we're putting you on the HONOR Dungeon System, so please stay there until we get back.

Stoker Bramwell: Bowser: Larry, you get sent to the First Dungeon, just cuz I don't like you!

Smash: Is that like Middle-earth?

Mewd: No, he has to stand in the EXACT center balancing a spoon on his nose until they get back.

Smash: Oh, okay.

   KTQ: WHAT?! Oh, fine.

Reno: KTQ: I would've gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for you meddling kids...

Mewd: Wouldn't it be great if this was enforced in human society?
Judge: You are sentenced to death.
Criminal: WHAT?! Ah, what the heck.

Stoker Bramwell: Larry: Still be my friend? *sad puppy eyes*

Mewd: Well, seeing as we're right in the middle of this scene, we might as well break for the middle segment.

Stoker: Makes sense to me.

*Reverse comical door sequence*

Smash: Oh no, not another host segment.

Mewd: Ha ha, dragon boy. Allow me to laugh in your face.

Smash: Don't call me that!

*Smash grabs Mewd by the throat and throws him across the room. He ricochets off Stoker, GR, Jon, Smash D, and finally plows into Reno, despite the fact that he is only a hologram.*

Reno: Aieeeeee!

*Reno gets knocked backwards into a convenient plot hole that sucks him up and leaves no trace.*

Smash, and Stoker:...

Stoker: Cool.

Smash: Yeah. So what now?

TMS: How about we finish Mewd's trial?

Smash D: Sounds good to me.

*But then a huge alarm sounds and a vacuum sucks Smash, Stoker, and Mewd through the sequence of comical doors again. Back in the theater, the three of them take their seats and prepare for the rest of the torture*

   Koopa: Hammer Bro, you can water Larry's plants while we're gone instead.

Mewd: Hammer brother: WOOHOO! IN YOUR FACE! *moves palm back in forth infront of Larry provocatively* ...Face...! ....face.

Stoker Bramwell: Hammer Bro: NEVER!!! *takes Larry hostage and begins a revolution*

Smash: Hammer bro: Maybe, maybe not. What's in it for me?

   Hammer Brother: Yes, sir! The next day, Hammer Brother got up. However, something bad happened.

Mewd: *with a flashlight under his chin* THEY RAN OUT OF COFFEE IN THE BREAK ROOM. OOoooOOoOOO

Stoker Bramwell: The castle exploded. Whelp, story's over! *tries to leave*

*sentry droid fires bullets at Stokers feet*

Stoker Bramwell: Drat. *sits back down*

Smash: Mario attacked and burned the castle down. The End *Tries to leave*

*sentry droids lob grenades at smash*

Smash: Darn. *Sits back down*

   Magikoopa: I'll cast a spell to make Hammer Bro. forget about Larry's plants! (he does so)

Stoker Bramwell: Magikoopa: I'll do this because I'm bored and have nothing better to do than kill a buncha worthless plants. How evil I am!

Mewd: Magikoopa then went on to grow a devious looking mustashe and tied females to road tracks while laughing evilly to follow up this prank.

Smash: And all that took a mere three words.

   The rest of the week was fairly uneventful, except that all week there was a grin on Magikoopa's face. So we rejoin the koopas when they gethome.

Stoker Bramwell: Normally, there's a grin on Magikoopa's kneecap.

   Larry: Finally I get to eat one of my OWN apples, and eat my OWN pears,and...

Smash: Clawdia: That's it, I'm never taking you on a trip again! *She beats Bowser and starts a revolution*

Mewd: Larry: ...get eaten by one of my OWN carnivoristic piranha plants.

Stoker Bramwell: And drink my OWN orange juice and capitalize my OWN adjectives and take MYSELF hostage and begin my OWN revolution...

   Wendy: You sound like Morton!

Mewd: Morton: NO he DOESN'T.

Stoker Bramwell: Wendy: And you smell like him too!

Smash: Larry: Ahhh! Get it off! Get it off!

   Larry: Oh, sorry. (he goes into his greenhouse and notices that the plants are dead)

Stoker Bramwell: He always notices little things like this.

Mewd: Magikoopa: BWAAHAHA, My plan was a sucess, Now I will go to the dungeon and do EVIL things to the rats that will eventually eat me once I begin to rot.

Smash: Which Magikoopa is that one anyways?

Stoker Bramwell: know...the...Magikoopa.

Stoker Bramwell: ...

Mewd: Steve. The new guy

Stoker Bramwell: Yeah.

   Morton: Look! Your once great, ultimate, super, KoopaTACular plants are now old, wilted, and dead!

Mewd: Whats a koopa-tac-ular? Is it like and orally taken medicine where you swallow thumb tacs?

Stoker Bramwell: Morton: I can notice stuff too! And I like pointing out everything I notice to everyone else! Like the fact that the sky is blue, water is wet, sugar is sweet...
*continues for twelve hours*

Smash: *Causing the three of us to go insane*

   Larry: My plants! MY PLANTS! I spent a year on them! (notices Hammer Brother) Oh, I'm gonna tell king dad on you for not watering my plants!

Stoker Bramwell: Larry: And then I'm gonna tell him about how good Morton and I are at noticing stuff!

Mewd: Hammer brother: OH! Water, I thought you meant drain the life force from with tacky sailor-moon esque villians. Simple every day mistake.

Stoker Bramwell: *Morton notices that he's a Koopa*

Smash: Larry is now disrespecting Bowser by not capitalizing his name.

   Hammer Brother: ME?! I wasn't supposed to!(Koopa comes in)

Mewd: Koopa: Oh, wait, somethings different here. *he ponders for a few hours* mmm, new hair cut?

Stoker Bramwell: Koopa: Hey! I've noticed that all the plants are dead!
Larry: Great work, Dad!

Smash: Bowser: *Cheers* Yay! The plants are dead!

   Koopa: WHAT?! Your plants haven't been watered? Why... Hammer Brother, you must go to THAT dungeon for a WEEK!

Mewd: Yes, THAT dungeon, the one that's existent.

Stoker Bramwell: THAT dungeon, as opposed to THIS dungeon!

Mewd: *The hammer brother is put in the corner as he whimpers in sadness*

Stoker Bramwell: Bowser: I just noticed THAT dungeon is in Larry's greenhouse for some reason!

Smash: THAT dungeon must be worse than the evil middle dungeon.

   Larry is trying to water his plants, but it didn't work. Larry thought... and thought... and all the while, he was very sad!Suddenly...

Mewd: ...He watered his plants again. DYNAMIC ACTION.

Stoker Bramwell: ...he noticed that he was THINKING! He soon died of shock.

Smash: The world ended in a massive holocaust! THE END *Blows up the sentry droids and tries to leave*

*Smash is stopped by a force field*

Smash: Waahhhhh! *Tears at it*

   Larry: I'VE GOT IT! Wendy, you still have that time machine, don't you?

Mewd: Yeah, there's always a spare time machine somewhere, they're EVERYWHERE.

Stoker Bramwell: Wendy: Of course. I always keep it in case I miss Oprah.

Smash: Um, which story was this from?

   Wendy: Yeah, but...

Mewd: Wendy: ...story lines involving time machines causes the entire planet to groan in unsion.

Stoker Bramwell:, uh...needs waxing. Yeah.
*Wendy hides the machine behind her back*

Smash: Wendy: But it's only set to go to the Jerry Springer Show.

   Larry: Give me it! I'll give it back in a split second!

Mewd: Wendy: Nope, sorry, times up.

Stoker Bramwell: Larry: *travels a split second forward into time* Here ya go.

   Wendy: Here!

Mewd: Wow, that was easy, she must of been carring that big heavy machine in her purse.

Smash: And she accomplished all that in one word.

Stoker Bramwell: Wendy: Now don't go trying to kill me as a baby again!

   Larry goes to the time Magikoopa hypnotized Hammer Brother. He hit Magikoopa on the head.

Stoker Bramwell: Magikoopa: Egad! I have a BUMP on my head! My brilliant plot is ruined!

Mewd: I won't argue with the fact that Larry apparently knew when and what happened. Nope, I won't even mention it.

Smash: This caused a time paradox that destroyed the universe. *Tries to leave*

*metal tentacles burst from the walls and hold Smash down*

Smash: *Uses my infinite powers to destroy them*

Stoker Bramwell: ...if you have infinite power, why don't you just wish yourself out of the station?

Smash: Because it'd ruin the story continuum.

   Larry: Off to the dungeon with you!

Stoker Bramwell: Larry: THIS dungeon, not THAT dungeon!

Smash: Apparently Larry has absolute power when traveling back in time.

Mewd: Larry, proud that he managed to bonk a puffy hatted wizard on the head immedietly traveled back in time leaving the magikoopa to continue his scheme.

   Magikoopa: WHAT? What are YOU doing here?

Smash: Again I ask, which Magikoopa is it?

Stoker Bramwell: Magikoopa the Magikoopa. Like Koopa the Koopa.

Smash: That's dumb.

Mewd: Magikoopa: Wah, now I'll never grow up to be as villianous as my boss whom I'm trying to betray, wah.

   Larry sentenced Magikoopa to the dungeon. He returns.

Mewd: No wait, that was more then one sentence.

Stoker Bramwell: Magikoopa: I've returned from prison! Mwaahahahaha!

Smash: That makes it sound like Magikoopa is returning from the dungeons.

   Larry: My plants! ALL OF MY PLANTS ARE BACK! Thank you, Wendy!

Mewd: Wendy: Oh, wait, You created a time paradox that's destroying all of reality. OOPS.

Stoker Bramwell: Please let it be over soon...Pleeeeeeeease...

Smash: Not much of a chance.

   Wendy: What did you do?

Stoker Bramwell: Larry: Oh, just screwed around with the space-time continuum and reshaped the fabric of all reality as we know it.
Wendy: Oh, okay then.

Smash: Larry: I went and hit Magikoopa on the head with a feather for no reason and then I came back even though I had the chance to make myself ruler of the universe.

   Larry: I saw that Magikoopa hypnotized Hammer Brother. I locked him in the dungeon! Go ahead, check! Wendy (and the rest) do so. They see Magikoopa!

Mewd: *estactically* Then they walked back! then they laughed about the funny situation!!! THEN THEY WENT TO BED!!!!

Stoker Bramwell: Wendy: I notice that Magikoopa's in the dungeon!
Clawdia: I notice that this dungeon has bars!

Smash: Despite the fact that they are only one foot high.

   Magikoopa: YOU ROTTON KOOPA BRATS! How DARE you lock me up here with Hammer Brother! LET ME OUT!

Mewd: Oh, apparently Hammer brother was locked up because he watered the plants at the wrong angle. OOPS.

Stoker Bramwell: Hammer Brother is of course able to let Magikoopa out of the dungeon, being locked in there himself.

Smash: Hammer Brother must not be a very happy-happy joy-joy person.

   Larry: Oh, I can let HAMMER BROTHER out, but not you! (he does so)

Stoker Bramwell: Larry: Stand in awe of my power! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

Smash: However, Magikoopa killed Larry when he opened the door and started a revolution.

Stoker: Aww...Smash beat me to it.

Mewd: Magikoopa waited patiently as they opened the GAPING DOOR and let Hamer Brother SLOWLY walk out and then paused for a few minutes with the door wide open before shutting it.

   Hammer Brother: Please, forgive me!

Mewd: Hammer brother: PLEASE LET ME BACK IN!

Stoker Bramwell: Bowser: Well, I'll consider it, seeing as you did absolutely nothing wrong.
...On second thought, nah. *executes Hammer Bro.*

Smash: Larry: NEVER! *he holds Hammer Brother hostage and begins a revolution*

Stoker Bramwell: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

   Koopa: Yes sir! It's MAGIKOOPA we need locked up!

Mewd: That old rascally Magikoopa, allied with the koopa for so long he needed a good nap in the dungeon to restore all loyalty.

Stoker Bramwell: Bowser: Because he was plotting to overthrow the entire Koopa Kingdom by killing Larry's plants! The scoundrel!

Smash: That reminds me. Why did Magikoopa want to kill the plants in the first place?

*everyone looks at each other*

*crickets chirp*

Mewd: Bored? I dunno. *shrugs*

   The End

Mewd: WA-HAY

Stoker Bramwell: LAUS DEO!


The comical bit with the doors plays as all return to the outside

Stoker: Well that was thirty minutes of pure, mind-numbing, nougat-filled torture.

Smash: Let's do it again!

Stoker faints

Smash laughs uproariously at Stoker, then drags him up by the fur on the back of his neck

Smash: Okay, bat. It's your turn to do the list.

Stoker: The list?

Smash: Yeah, the list of stuff you're going to do once you get back to Plit.

Stoker: Oh. Um...okay. Here goes.

1. Find out what the heck Plit is.
2. Set fire to something.
3. Find Lemmy and use my hitherto unmentioned magical powers to turn him into something small and crunchy.
4. Set fire to something.
5. Find a horde of badgers, take Wendy hostage, and begin a revolution.
And last but not least...
6. Set fire to something.

Stoker: How's that?

Smash: Close enough for government work. Now...back to Mewd's trial!

Everyone watches Mewd flounder around in the coals while Stoker furiously beats his fists against the walls in a mad attempt to escape.

Jon: Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's go spy on Wendy and leave Mewd unattended in the midst of these hot coals!

All: Okay.

Everyone turns on the computer monitor thingy and watches Wendy pout at her reflection in the mirror.

Wendy: Oh my poor, beautiful face! Now I'll never be a teen role model! Oh, if only there could be some convenient deus ex machina that would rid me of this blemish once and for all!

Wendy's pimple suddenly explodes in a fiery rage, causing Mewd to fall writhing into the coals again for...some reason or another. Everyone laughs uproariously at this, while Mewd finally manages to crawl to the end of the coals. Just as he reaches the finish, a plot hole opens, sucks him in, and spits Reno out.

Reno: Well, that was unexpected.


Mewd is wandering around the engine room.

Mewd: Wow! This place is so amazingly complicated! This plus the fact that I have no technical knowledge whatsoever assures the fact that I can return to the bridge by pushing random buttons!

Mewd sees three red buttons labeled "Do not push", "Don't push this one either", and "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T PUSH THIS ONE!!!"

Mewd: Wow! Let's see what this stuff does!

*He punches all the buttons at once and suddenly he gets hit with five water balloons*

Mewd: Well, that was unexpected.

*Mewd suddenly gets his with a lightning bolt, changing him into Krispy Kat Chow (TM)*

*The Giant Satellite of Pain floats off into the distance once more*

El Fin

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