Oooooooo fire... Yes, I bet you're regreting even giveing me a hit on my counter by now Oooooo Fire...

Who is responseible for all of this?!

Plenty of people have helped me make this website, and most have deeply regreted it. And to pay tribute/horrifie their exist, I'll be thanking them in chrono logical order. If I'm useing a graphic/midi that you created without asking, I apoligize, send me a E-mail and I'll give you proper credit for your work. Anywho without further ado are all the people who have sent me stuff, or helped make this site in some way, hopefully these people won't be flamed every ten minute by people who dislike me. People with the specail mog seal are those I give specail thanks to.

TMS, Contributed 44 peices of art, eleven stories, two web pets, a insane abundence of other content, and 5 poems. Also for being my freind, and working on the CFG board. Also a rant. For letting me host her game. Saving my butt numerous times when I needed to update.

Lemmy koopa, Created Lemmy's land which in turn helped me start my pathetic carear as a writer, blame him.

SandSlash333, For being my freind, he is also responseible for the existance of this site threw deicdeing he didn't work on Bahamut and Odin's Final Fantasy Shrine any more. Also for working on the CFG board. For letting them host my game

Smash48, For being my rival and freind, also for working on the CFG boards. Thanks for three stories, and four pieces of artwork. A poem. Saving my butt numerous times when I needed to update.

DinoGirl, For being my freind. and helping with a CFG

Kristain/danceing coconut, For being my freind. <^_^>

Golden road, For being my freind, no thanks for calling me Mew constantly. For the last time I'm not a pokemon!

Contest winner, won the sprite guessin' contest Vivi for being my freind and for sumbiting a reveiw.

Jon/Benderman, For being my freind, and for being a superd website designer. Also for two rants. For letting me host their game

RenoSix, For being my freind, and for thinking up the title of Sacrifice for Memories Sake. For letting me host his game, and letting me be a part of the production for his.

BlackBeltSam, For being a good friend. Thanks also for a reveiw, which had no commentary at all.

PaladinFox, For Three Stories.

Kurt, For being my freind and for a Fanfic.

Specter, For working on the CFG boards.

Jazzman, For working on the CFG boards.

Stoker Bramwell, For working on the CFG boards, and being my freind.

Mathew/Makina, For being the only robot I know that has multi personallity disorder.

Everyone whos ever contributed to, For makeing Midis!

Thanks for mog madness for some mog pics

Thanks for RPG icons For a bucket load of Final fantasy icons, seiken detsetsu icons, and any other number of titles I might've taken.

Error fifty two help cookie DonQuixote1064, For helping me get past error fifty two

Rachelle Davison, for two poems.

Megs 973, for 8 pieces of fan art.

Axem Leader, For being a good sport about being MSTed

Sir Onion, for being a true pirate, and letting me call him sir onion. And being my freind

TornWingedDragon, For helping with a CFG, and being my freind.

Captain Q, For being a spiffy pyschiatrist and being my freind

Rachael Mongerson, For being a friend, and for two poems.

Ludwiggy, For being a spiffy friend.

Ryan-Oshi, For one story.


Okay, my hitlist is finished, take me back now.