My freinds...

Kristain, Danceing coconut "" walsh
Kevin, Sandslash, "...." Zeef.
Kevins a violent girl chaseing teenager whos symaltaniosly a shy mute teenager. I don't know how he pulls this off. He's not very talkative those he's been my freind as long as TMS has, they've been rivals the whole time I've known them. SS looks for me for advice sometimes though I'm not that helpful.
Timothy, TMS, Klimzen, Chinmu, Racku, "Sigh" Wirrock
Meleanie, DG, "LOL" Kidd.
Frank, GoldenRoad "pidgeon eater"
Stoker Bramwell, Bowser "Badgering badgers" Koopa
Vivian, Vicios Grrl, "Jump on a trampoline"
Eric Smash Sumashi, Kai dawn bringer, Damacon "Magical Ego drake"
Jon, Benderman, Yombloski. "Give me a easy wish damnit!" Foox
RenoSix "Vampire dude"
Jazzman "Anti-badger" Koopa
Delmaika "Bai bai ^.^" pluto
Kurt "I am the shattenjagger" Cobain.

-lesser freinds
Alison "I don't have a zany fake middle name yet"

Liz "Rack maker"

Monica "Helper of playing truth or dare"