Fan fiction

Fan fiction, its all over the internet, and to proove how orignal my site is, I got some too! HUZZAH! Hurrah for lack of orignal content! Boo-ya! Serriosly though the art of Writeing for a existing universe of characters seems very popular amoung online authuers currently, overly so, giveing me plenty to mock. Still Fan fiction is as enjoyable as orignal works, and all fan fictions that are welcome besides though that are nothing but the phrase "spoot" repeatid over and over. You'd need a title for something like that.


Mario fan fiction

Mask of Ka-chiri: By TMS, Nodin Caldain is summoned from his own world to help fight a battle, the koopalings are inprisoned and its up to Nodin to retreive the Mask. Not as good as the seaqual but still a good read.(G)

Specail moogle seal! Mask of Ka-chiri 2: Shattered dreams: By TMS, Racku is freed from the confines of the mask, in desperation TMS has to recruit a number of heroes in a attempt to help save their world. Including the Mario Brothers, and Bowser himself. A fairly long and great work by TMS which is oddly far better then its prequal, thanks for letting me post it.(G)
SPECAIL MOOGLE SEAL!!11 Mask of Kachiri 3 Prequel: A Case of The Ex By TMS,
An shadow of rackus past love life returns in MOK 3.5.
SPECAIL MOOGLE SEAL!!11 Mask of Ka-chiri: the scarlet lady By TMS,
TMS' latest installment in the mask of ka-chiri saga, taking place a while after the end of 2. Sue me, I wasn't able to come up with a really good comment.(G)
SPECAIL MOOGLE SEAL!!11 one one one Mask of Ka-chiri: The Devastated Maiden By TMS,
The fourth and final installment of the Ka-chiri saga. Odera is still alive(?) and summons a alley to aid her. (PG-13)
O.G. By TMS,
Racku is captured by Bowser, and his widow is brought to work in the new additition to the koopa castle.

Koopa bond: By Mewd, A borring stupid story and waste of time. (G)(warning, contains evil pokemon)

Super Mario Bro.ís Super Duper Show By Ryan-Oshi Nintendo owns the copy right to the Mario Brothers names, hilarity ensues as they try to get new names.

Quest for Glory fiction

Immortality: By Kurt, A quest for glory story modernized, The mob tries to get their hands on the idol of iblis.(PG) (Unfinished)

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