Fan Art

Welcome to the fan art section, from comics portraying characters from shows and games, to simple portraits of characters... Aren't very likely to be around here. Run! Or enjoy the page then run!

Legend of Zelda

ZelKoopa TMS makes a great picture of Koopa's and himself in the zelda universe.
Three links A sketch of the three Links from Legend of zelda majora's mask.
Colored Link-Zora Photo-shop colored version of the zora in the above picture.
KaepouGaeboru Owl thing from Zelda! Yaaaay.

Team Rocket

Jesse James
Another lovely picture of james and jesse from team rocket.
Rockets A rather nice picture of jesse and james from team rocket.

Super Mario brothers

Black Marker Mario A drawing of Mario with black markers. gape at my descriptive prowess!
Gone fishin' Things are quiet when bowsers not around.
Geno and Mallow A kneeling Geno and Mallow beside 'em.
Holiday Kooky A younger looking Ludwig Von koopa at chrismas time, with a plush toy.


Fantasy characters TMS made me this a while back, its a head shot from the characters in my story "fantasy", thanks.
Colored Clena TMS made this colored picture of my poorly-developed character Clena.<^_^>
Happy Holly Chrismas is a coming and misletoe antics ensue.

Rurouni Kenshin

HimoraChimu! TMS as a Rurouni Kenshin Character.

Double Himora Two characters from Rurouni Kenshin, I'd actually tell you which, but I've only actually seen the show once.


Pokeyouma! A picture of TMS's Pokemon spoof! Pokeyouma!
ReOko Masaki Tigera neopet A picture of an anthromorphic version of one of TMS's neopets.
Hobbit Chimu Chimu takes the responsibility of being the ring bearer quite lightly.
Kuraniwei Yu Yu Haksho fanart.
Sessmoonship! Sailor moon/Inyuyasha fanart.

Megs 973

Team rocket fan art.

Butch Its a SD Butch from team rocket.... in a frog costume.
Every one A picture of all four constant team rocket memembers in SD form. Minus Meowth.
Hair-Work A nice picture of James helping jessie with her hair.
Hiker James a tired looking james and meowth.
James Rose James holding a rose in the wind as its petals drift away.
Rocket Shippers The best way I can describe this picture is with the word 'casual'.
Sad Kojiro A sad SD james.
Team Rocket Angel A demon and angel james and jessie holding each other.

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