Art and stuff almost like it!
Welcome one and all to the art section of this site, My goal for this section is to store orignal and fan art made by talented people, who in turn ususally ask if their art could be stored somewhere else, somewhere less flamable. Every peice of art sent in will get my personal comment and will be posted, as long as it is on par with the art above or better... I know its daunting but try to do that well! Send me your art, I'll be your best freind or something. Click here to send me art, or threats, or anything else. Gimmie! Be sure to attatch a file, the title of it, and any comments. If I really like your art I will give it my specail seal which will be fought over and held more sacrad then life itself.


Orignal artwork!

Fan artwork!


Click here if your tired of gocking and mocking art.