Mewd's pokemon palce!111

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Happy April fools, I didn't have you fooled for a minute did I? Oh well, just put up with this color scheme for the rest of the day.

this is my fairy, don't steal her lest I throw a pie at you.
mail me, flames and death threats are welcome where avalable.

Stuff simmiler to content!



Stories!: Reading is good for you, it now includes free lepersy and blindness.
Art!: Ammuse yourself with doodles of officail artwork from gameing companies with mustashes attatched and orignal artwork by talented artists who infact do not come here.
Poems!: Poetic fun, all who participate get free rocks
Guidelines: what you really don't care about, but should know before sending Stories, Art, or poems in... This page not avalable in minty flavor.
Gameing!: Reveiws and such, the only thing that could proove how much more of a geek I am is if this site had anime related stuff.
Anime:! Reveiws and such of something people obsess over more the star trek.
Mailbag!: Read flames I've received for existing!
Advice colum!: Ask da ansewer man, Okay he's not in, substatute with me. If your really desperate, send me requests for advice which I'll promtly mock in some way!
Rants!: hear rants from people like myself who will insult the gameing industry from lack of a kid icerus seaqual.
Humor:! humor type stuff that will not make you laugh or ammuse you.
Page of honor:! Credits for all who've helped
Message Boards!: Veiw messages buried and sun dried over twenty years of age untouched!
Pets!: Cute site pets that will force you to vomit in complete awe of their cuteness.
About me!: Death awaits those who dare have nothing else to do
Links!: Go to more entertaining places, like stale webcomics and sites that insult your intelligence.
*please note that half of these pages hold no enept purpose.

this page brought to you by lackofintelligence inco. All flameing death is prohibited unless given a lame or good excuse.

I have refresed my browser on my index page...
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