Villiantine's Day: The Return of Sailor Chaos!


Mario Surfer: Every one has a heart... Villian or hero... Every heart can be broken. Cold as ice, hard as stone, soft as melted butter... It doesn't matter... It can be done... There's always a large enough stone out there somewhere... This Villiantine's Day, why not remember that and do something nice for your favorite Villian?

Mario Surfer runs off stage and then back on.

Mario Surfer: Oh... I almost forgot... Sailor Chaos is a former CFG bad *ahem* girl... She dissappeared after failing one of her missions... Let's just say SOMEONE decided to flatten her with a pancake... We're not saying any names... TMS!

TMS: Er... Sorry! It wasn't my fault Mr. Author! She was using Chaos Confetti so I had to use an unglued Magic Card!

Mario Surfer: Well, you didn't have to use Urza's Giant Pancake...

TMS: Well I wasn't gonna use a squirrel token...

Mario Surfer: You supposedly killed off a good villian...

TMS: Gimme a break and let's get into story format here!

"Yeah, alright..." The author sighs he runs a hand through his hair while TMS simultaneously does the same thing. "HEY! Stop that!"

"What?" TMS looks at him strangely.

"You're mocking me, aren't you?! May I remind you waht I can do to you?!" Mario Surfer, the author, points to a really large and flashy incinerator with flames leaping out of it.

"Incinerate me?! For what?!" TMS looks at Mario Surfer wide eyed.

"Cause I feel like it... Now get off stage! This is a Sailor Chaos Villiantine's special!"

"Yeah... Whatever..." TMS does a trademark roll his eyes thing and then leaps off the stage, managing some how to land on his face even though it's a half foot jump.

"The power of being the author... It's wonderful, isn't it?" Mario Surfer smirks and then runs off stage.

The curtain raises and the world changes into a cool green field full of lush growth, most likely a deserted part of Grassland, five years after the entire Mask of Ka-Chiri bit. Sailor Chaos is sitting in the slightly warm night air, her boots and gloves beside her, her knees pulled to her chest with her arms clamped about them, she heaves a sigh and thinks her melancholy thoughts. 'He's still out there somewhere... I know it... When I meet him again... I'm gonna... Kick his butt! Clone! What a jerk! He left me to die on this barren rock whilehe'sprobably vacationing on some wonderful planet with a hundred gorgeous women around him shamelessly hitting on him...'

The screen flashes to Clone lying on a sunbathing chair with a hundred gorgeous women around him shamelessly hitting on him. "Yep, she's right..." he remarks, "I'm one heck of an evil person, aren't I?"

It's back to Sailor Chaos, who seems rather lonely. Suddenly, her accute hearing picks up the faint sound of feet crumpling grass. "Wha?!" she turns and stands up.

A younger boy with red hair and eyes was standing right in front of her, and he cursed at the bad luck he had. "Why DID you have to go and do tha-" his voice drifted off for a second, then came back hard as steel, "Kawaii Cookie Boy, Demon Child. You want a good day, I give ya the worst of your life."

Chaos noted the gold loop earring in his ear signifying his loyalty to Pikas, "Aren't you a little young to work for Pikas?"

"No way... How did ya know I work for Pikas?" KCB asked. Chaos tugged on the loop earing. "Yeow! Oh..." He noted that she was wearing a pair of gold loop earrings. "You work for Pikas too?"

"I use to.. My partner ran off and left me for dead..."

"Who was this jerk that would leave such a beautiful lady behind?" KCB, obviously swayed by her looks, gave her a smile, "You can trust me... We work for the same place."

"Clone... Yuck... That's the last time I EVER work with an evil replica of SS..."

KCB's jaw dropped, "You're Sailor Chaos?!"

"Yes... Why?"

"I'm your replacement!"

"Oh... I'm thinking about early retirement..." she sat back down to put her boots and gloves on.

"Ah... C'mon... Ya can help mewith my mission first... I gotta get this guy named Koopa... Ya heard of him?"

"You're going to have some trouble..." She pulled her left glove on last, then stood up. "I suppose I'll help you..."

Meanwhile, in the kingdom of the Koopas, a signing of a peace treaty is taking place. Bowser, still looking as he did in his days of Princess chasing, grins at Peach who stands at the entraceway of the Keep. She is holding a red haired little girl. "Ali, come to Uncle Bowser!" he calls to the child, getting on his knees with his arms open.

The little girl, Ali, jumps out of Peach's arms and runs to Bowser. "Oh uncle Bowser! It's so good to see you! Cousin TMS and Papa said we were coming to see you! Mama told me Papa and Cousin TMS and you have something important to do... Uncle... What is it?"

"You see... Little one... Your papa and cousin have to promise me they won't fight with me... Then I promise them I won't fight with them..."

"Alexandria Erica Kasara-Chiri!" a voice rang out through the keep, making Ali look up. "Did you miss me?"

"Ooh! Cousin TMS!" Ali let go of Bowser and ran to the young man who was standing in the doorway behind.

"Hey ya Kiddo!" he picked her up, "You been good for your Mother?"

"She's a cousin's girl, isn't she?" Peach smiled and walked up to Bowser.

"I wouldn't say that... I'd say she's a Daddy's Girl..." He responded, grinning as Racku hurriedly pushed his way through the doorway and hustled down the steps.

"Sorry I'm late..." Racku appologized. "I didn't realize the streets of the Koopa Kingdom are at their busiest midday..." As if noticing for the first time Ali was here, he kissed her on the cheek, "And how's my little girl?"

"I'm fine Papa!" Ali smiled, still hugging on to TMS.

At that very moment, Chaos and KCB were perched on the window sill, prepared to assasinate King Koopa and cause a Kingdomatic String of Chaos and Destruction. Chaos bit her lip, for she almost was ready to say she couldn't do it. The little girl was too much for her. There was something vaguely familiar about the child that haunted her.

"Now!" KCB told her.

"No. I can't..." Chaos began to cry, removing her earrings simultaneously, for they were tears that proved she no longer worked for Pikas and that she did have a heart.

KCB uttered several things unfit for print before leaping to the floor prepared to take on this job by himself now. "Rr. I challenge you to a duel King Koopa!"

"No! You'll leave Bowser be!" TMS set Ali down and drew his sword. He was met by a single sword blow cutting off his ponytail. "You jerk! I just finished growing that back!" Rather angry, he returned the favor by, not cutting KCB's hair off, but slashing his right ear badly enough for the earring to make a dull thunk as it hit the ground.

"I knew it! They're fake!" Chaos laughed as she landed.

"Rr!" KCB growled and cursed some more, holding his bleeding ear. "YOU! You..." KCB continued to curse severely, now all of it directed at Chaos.

"Get out of here before you get hurt, Kid... I got something to do..." she pushed KCB toward the door and, still cursing, he ran out of it.

"Chaos... I thought you were dead..." TMS readied his sword.

"WAIT!" Ali ran to Chaos, "Don't hurt her! She's not gonna hurt you!"

"Huh?" TMS looked down at the small girl defending the young woman that stood before him.

"She's got it right... For once in my life... I finally know I'm doing what my heart wants to do... TMS... I want you to take good care of the little girl... Please... Never let her anywhere near Pikas... Never give her any weapon but a sword, for I fear anything else will bring her own downfall... I don't want her to be what she already became once..." Chaos smiled and patted the child on the head.

"I don't understand... Please... explain why you're telling me this..."

"There's only one way..." she kissed him gently on the cheek, "Thank you for everything, my dear sweet cousin... I'll never forget everything you did for me..."

TMS looked down and closed his eyes, "I should have known... Two girls with red hair and red eyes... Both unable to find the courage to hurt me... Both looking like Racku... How foolish of me..."

"Oh, Papa... I'm so sorry..." Chaos put her arms around Racku and hugged him.

"We all have our moments of evil..." Racku comforted.

"Oh, I've been such a terribly bad girl..."

"It's understandable..."

"I have to go now Papa... I won't exist in a few seconds..." She let go of her father and waved goodbye to Ali, "You'll see me everyday in the mirror for as long as you want" she kneeled down by the little girl as she began to fade away, "Please never forget me..." With those words, she was gone, only left in half forgotten memories of a beautiful young woman who was corrupted by an evil Pokemon.
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