A hero's journey, by TMS.

A warrior's soul, Give a shout!
Burning within'
The deepest hole, Not gonna keep me out.
I have my Fire of Din.

My feet are burnin'
Travelin' so long,
But as the days come back,
So does a song.

The melody,
So clear,
Keeps me movin',
So far yet near.

My quest is upon me,
I've nothing to lose,
My sword swings and my shield blocks,
For that saving rope could be my noose.

I hum that tune,
Sure of it's powers,
As I grow stronger,
Hour by hour.

My eyes burn,
My legs feel like lead,
But I have to keep moving,
Better 'live than dead.

A beautiful Princess,
Waiting for me,
The evil has returned,
How can that be?

My shield scores a block,
My sword strikes true,
But the enemy still stands,
And then I knew.

He was back,
Stronger still,
He had to go back,
back to hell.

My notes ring clear,
On my ocarina of wood,
I knew that would do it,
At least that it should.

My heart,
Gives one final beat,
Before I land on my face,
Not my feet.

I was swallowed then,
By the time so long ago,
When I was a child,
The child I wished to know.

Training to be a hero,
I'd grown up to soon,
To defeat the evil,
Even by the moon.

I cried in sorrow,
I wished at last,
Not to be in the future,
But in the past.

A childish mind,
Turned to Noble Ambition,
Yet still I was longing,
Longing for recognition.

The evil was gone,
Yet still I lost,
My childhood,
What I valued most.
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