The Great War: Legend of a Ninja

Among the mists of legend, lies a great truth. The great sword shrouded with mystery, the one of unspoken greatness, and unheard of power. This sword lies forgotten within the tales of history until now.

Kevin sheethed the White Glory and looked up into the sunset. His white ninja outfit was painted in shades of red and gold as the sun crept into it's slumber just over the horizon, yet his thoughts were elsewhere. There was no match for his skills, and yet it was lonely to be the mystic White Ninja.

He cast his gaze downward. Better to be humble like the ground than high like the clouds, he thought. He had heard once that everything had it's equal opposite. Where was his? The sky had the earth, but there was nothing to combat his power.

Among the ruins of the forgotten city, she stood. She set her gaze upon the motionless figure on the hill top and narrowed her eyes. He would be too easy a target standing so still. The White Ninja must be combated while in motion, or it was no good. She allowed her black face mask to fall aside, revealing black bangs, blue eyes and the perfections of her face. Her name was not unknown to this city, yet she wished to remain a mystery. She disappeared like a black storm blown away by the wind as the sun faded, for she did not wish to meet the White Ninja just yet.

Kevin looked up and shielded his brilliant blue eyes from a blinding light. This was something most strange occuring. The sun climbed back to it's noon position before his eyes and he gasped in shock. How was this possible?

The Black Ninja's chest heaved in and out heavily with the remaining exertion of her powers. She had made it an eternal day and soon the time for battle would be at hand. She had left the White Ninja bewildered. The remainder of her head piece fell to the ground, unleashing a wild mane of black hair. Out of seemingly nowhere she pulled two hair pieces and set the untamed black mass into a tight bun. She fastened the black mask over her head but left the hood lying on the ground. A single foot print was left where she stood. Her name was Kira and she was a master with the Black Power, a sword of dark creation. She had killed the Red Ninja already. She recalled how the boy had wielded the fabled Red Destiny with skill and cunning, yet fallen to her greatness. This White Ninja would be more of a challenge she was sure. Her mystic powers had been taught by a tricky necromancer who had given her the Black Power as a present. She had once been a princess of a black tower, the black tower that stood foreboding over this great ruin. Now she was a free roaming warrior with no equal yet. She gently pulled the sculpted jet comb from her pocket and put it into her hair. She was flung back into her days as princess.

Kevin looked down to see a girl standing by the hill side, staring into space as if recalling something. His first thoughts were of how beautiful she was, his second of her outfit. A Black Ninja. Perhaps a challenge.

Kira looked up as Kevin jumped down before her. "Now we fight!" she responded. She drew the Black Power as Kevin's hand moved with the quickness of memorization and within an instance the White Glory was in his hands.