Hi, this Blackbelt, saying what I think about the game Mega Man.(all things
are scored on a 1-10 scale) let's go:
Music: 7 very good music, considering what tie it was made.
sound effects: 7 nicely done
Graphics: 9 ahead of it's time
plot: 2 plot, what plot?
gameplay: 8 very easy to learn the controls
difficulty: 6 moderate challenge
ending: 5 sorta worth the effort.
overall: 6 it's alright

Now Mega Man 2
Music: 9 COOL MUSIC!!!!
sound effects: 7 good
graphics:9 still ahead of it's time
Gameplay: 8 easy to learn
difficult: 5/7 easy and hard mode, making made for advanced and beginning
ending: 7 worth it
overall:6/7 very nice

Mega Man 3 now
Music: 9 very good
sound effects: 8 cool
graphics: 9 still cool
plot: 4 where is it?
Gameplay: 9 it's gotten better
difficulty: 5 to easy for my taste
ending: 9 worth it
overall: 7 it's still good

Mega Man 4
Music: 7 ok
sound effects: 9 excellent
graphics: 9 good
plot: 6 at least it was there...
Gameplay: 9 easy to pick up on.
difficulty: 8 it's gonna be a bumpy ride....
ending: 6 it's alright
overall: 7 good

Mega Man 5
music: 8 above average
sound effects: 9 cool
graphics: 9 still good
plot: 7 it's ok
gameplay: 9 very cool
difficulty: 8 good challenge
ending: 7 not bad
overall:8 it's good

Mega Man 6
Music: 10 kicks ass
sound effects: 8 good
graphics:9 excellent
plot: 8 cool
gameplay: 10 lots of stuff you can do with a 4 button controller
difficulty: 9 nice challenge
ending: 10 kicks ass
overall:9 kicks ass

Mega Man 7
music: 9 cool
sound effects: 7 not bad
Graphics: 9 cool
plot: 9 very good
gameplay: 9 good
difficulty:8 good challenge
ending: 5 IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!!
overall: 8 a good buy

Mega Man 8
Music: 6 didn't take advantage of the Playstations sound hardware
Sound effects:4 It sucks
Graphics: 10 high quality
plot: 10 pure plot
gameplay:10 very easy to handle
difficulty: 4 it's to easy
ending: 7 so-so
overll: 7 not a bad buy

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