The Four Warriors;
By BlackBelt.

A long time ago, there was an ancient legend.This legend told of four heroes,
and how they saved the universe from utter destruction. The identity of these
warriors are bleak, however.
A Boy without emotions and the strength of many
A Paladin with the features of a feline and the courage to face anything
A skilled archer with a heart as white as snow
A Mage, rejected by the world, who coexists with dragons
Those four lines of the legend describe who they are. Of course, it is only
legend.... But some legends are based on fact..... and history repeats
On a lone planet in the vastness of the Universe, there was a planet called
Rennigar. Deep under the crust of this planet, In a place that had lave
flowing nearly everywhere. A place that looked like the underworld itself. In
this place, there was a black door. A door which should never be opened. But
not all knew of the dangers of opening the door. Two men found the door.
There names were Gruin  and Darrack , two thieves....
"Are you done yet!?" said Gruin impatiently as he watched his brother work
'Shut up you lazy Bastard!" said Darrack angrily as he moved another boulder
out of place
"Why're we bothering with this anyway?" said Darrack in an attempt to change the
"Okay, let me make this simple, we like treasure, and there is treasure down here. Get it yet?" Said Gruin in disbelief
"How do we know this for sure?"
"You heard what that old man in that town said. He said it himself there was treasure down here!"
"He was drunk!"
"I only gave him one glass"
"He drank 10 glasses! He drank your beer! HE DRANK MINE!"
"The tomb is here ain't it? Thats good enough for me."
"All I see are rocks."
"Just shut up and get back to work"
"If you say so" Said Darrack as he moved the last boulder out of the way
'FINALLY!" Said Gruin as he walked towards the door, anticipation alit in his eyes"now help me open this thing Darrack!" he said as he put his hands on the door, ready to push.
"Ok Gruin" Darrack said, excitement in his face, as he too put his hands the
door ready to push.
"Ok....One....Two.....THREE!" they both said. then they started to push. once
the door had opened, a blast of energy had come out, destroying them both.
nothing was left of them. no flesh. no bones. not even any ashes. They had
payed the ultimate price for opening that door...THE door which had been
sealed away for a thousand years. They set the balance of the tomb off,
sropping it from stopping the demon. Those fools had let a demon loose....A
demon who nearly destroyed everything One thousand years ago. This demon was
made of everything bad in the
universe....Pride....Hate....Suffering....Death......and Evil.....Now his
reign of Terror would commence once again.....But....luck was on the side of
the righteous. His Thousdand year confinement had made him weak....Yet he
knew where to get power....He knew where his countless minions were held
captive.....I don't think the Angels of Justice would allow that..... Above
the earth, in a place where the living do not know of......
"What are you doing Sis?" Said Kumera in his usual happy personality
"I'm checking on things below" Said Sumera, not registering any emotions at
"Why so serious about it?"
"Just because you don't take your work seriously"
"You act like I goof off all day"
"You do"
'Do not"
"Do t- AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Screamed Sumera, collapsing to the
"SISTER!" yelled Kumera as he picked up his sister and supported her in his
Sumera then said, in a weak, forced voice, "It was awful........The fear of
many......the suffering of many generations........the pain of death......all in a single instant........"she then coughed, and fainted
Kumera the took her sister to a bed to rest, she awoke some time later. once
she woke, the truth came out...
'Are you alright Sister?" Said Kumera, worrysome
"It has happened Brother" Said Sumera, fear alit in her face, eyes, and
pretty much everywhere else that was visible
"What has happened Sister" Said Kumera, even more worried
"He has been released"
"You mean....." Fear suddenly alit his eyes
" Yes.....You know what we must do"
"Wouldn't it be easier if we stopped him ourselves?"
"DO NOT BE A FOOL!" Sumera scolded, fire in her eyes,"The Prophecy fortells
what will happen, and we musn't challenge destiny, or all is lost! GOT IT!?"
She then stood up
"You need rest! I'll take care of it!"
"NO! We'll both do this, or neither of us do this."
"But....But.....yes sister" Said Kumera, sighing," let's go.
They, The Angels of Justice Kumera and Sumera, headed to a sacred place, a
dome-like structure built from the finest marble, and had statues of
religious figures from every religion there is surrounding a simple wooden
altar.There, they began an ancient ritual
Oh holy light..." they both started while in prayer,"Show us the
truth....Find us the warrioirs of legend.....The ones that will save the
world......Search for them.....The warriors who saved the world once reborn
Then, the holy light bursts from the altar, Then split into four smaller beams. One went to the north....One to the south....One went to the darkness of space....And one suddenly disapeared.... It's purpose....To find the warriors that would save us all....The warrios of legend.....The reincarnations of those who saved us so many years ago....

                                   To Be Continued